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Home Security Solutions

The Latest in Home Security Solutions: Keeping Your Home Safe

Keeping your Las Vegas home safe calls for effective security solutions to keep up with today’s tech-savvy criminals. That means integrating smart technology into home security systems is a must. Here we outline what you need to secure your sanctuary, including the latest in remote monitoring capabilities, app-based controls, and real-time alerts that keep you and yours safe.

Complete Security and Safety Services

Sting Alarm’s customized security solutions provide a whole-home solution for complete peace of mind. Today’s home security systems make it easy to protect your home against intruders and keep tabs on things from lighting to home comfort and leak detection to real-time communication with family members. We offer the perfect balance of proven traditional home security features with the latest in life safety for a holistic security solution for the entire home, including:

Smart security cameras:

Keep track of your entire property using smart home cameras that send real-time alerts based on suspicious activity. Cameras are triggered when motion is detected, leveraging facial recognition capabilities to detect strangers. As a result, you can determine when your property is in danger. You customize your alerts to suit your home security system’s needs.

Encrypted wireless security sensors:

Don’t let tech-savvy criminals outsmart you. We use end-to-end encryption, so hackers can’t disable your alarm systems. Your Wi-Fi connection is also more secure to protect your privacy.

Customized home security solutions:

You can choose the security features you prefer, whether a smart doorbell camera to monitor guests, 2-way audio to listen in and communicate with family members, or outdoor security cameras.

Smart energy:

Reduce waste and lower electric bills using an integrated smart thermostat and lighting system with your security app.

Smart locks:

Whether you forget to lock a door or someone loses a key, you can remotely lock and unlock doors using your mobile phone. Your smartphone also uses geo-location triggers to automatically lock and unlock doors as you leave or approach your home—no need to worry about fussing with passwords or trying to unlock your door with an armload of groceries. You also don’t have to worry about forgetting to set your alarm when you go out, as the system does it automatically.

Smart home integration:

Your smart security system integrates with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple voice commands so you can expand functionality with complete control over your home’s infrastructure. Use voice assistance to manage your home app platform, whether locking your doors, turning on the lights as you pull up in your driveway, or adjusting your AC for the perfect temperature when you walk in the door.

Wireless technology:

Wireless digital home keypads and mobile apps work together so you can manage everything from anywhere.

Smart AI:

Artificial intelligence allows your cameras to identify objects to avoid unnecessary alarms, such as detecting your dog in the backyard or recognizing faces. However, you will also know when a stranger is on your property or if an unidentified vehicle is in front of your home or in the driveway.

Real-time cloud storage:

Ensure all relevant videos are safely stored with real-time cloud storage to collect evidence of criminal activity. This is ideal for insurance purposes and to assist local authorities in identifying perpetrators.

Emergency Response

Fire can spark in seconds and quickly spread throughout your home. Having quick and efficient emergency response features ensures emergency responsiveness when coordinating with local authorities. You know your emergency response equipment will detect fire emergencies and dispatch the fire department to reduce fire damage when you are not home.

Our team of technicians is certified to provide thorough inspections of your fire protection equipment according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), and the State of Nevada Fire Marshal requirements. We will custom-design your fire alarm monitoring system using the latest technology to suit your needs.


Each system includes your master control panel, backup battery, security system yard signs, and window decals. You can use our app to view your cameras and control home automation devices with our unified interface. From there, we offer customized solutions with endless configurations to suit your needs. Some additional customizations might include:

  • Sirens and bells
  • Door and window sensors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Additional motion detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • CO2 detectors
  • Additional cameras
  • Life safety and communication
  • Water detection
  • Smart home interfaces

Leak Detection

Sting Alarm’s Water Management solution provides proactive leak detection and responsive automation to prevent water damage. Using state-of-the-art water sensors strategically placed throughout your home, you can detect water-related activity, whether it is related to your sump pump, flood waters, or burst pipes. Combined with smart water valves and meters, our team will set up rules that indicate risks and automatically shut off your valves when a possible leak is detected. You can also monitor water usage to understand where you are experiencing the most water waste.

We use a Z-Wave Water Valve and wireless radio frequency water sensors installed by certified plumbers to send instant water alerts, provide remote water control, and trigger automatic water shut-off when events are detected. Our experts will determine the most vulnerable areas for installation to provide the most thorough coverage and monitoring.

Why Choose a Smart Security Home System?

Sting Alarm’s systems can lead to savings on home insurance costs due to enhanced security measures. With protection against burglary, vandalism, fire, and flood, your comprehensive security system provides complete peace of mind. You also have a battery backup so that even in the case of lost power, you still have your security system functioning properly.

When your battery is low, it will send a signal to our Central Station, and we will notify you that it’s time to change your battery. You can include as many security features as you like, making it easy to create a customized solution suited to your budget.

For more information, request a quote for your smart home security system today.