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Smart Water Leak Detection

Avoid Disaster With Smart Water Management

Sting Alarm’s Water Management solution provides proactive leak detection and responsive automation to help prevent water damage from flooding or burst water pipes. You can now monitor water sensors and valves throughout your home, providing yet another layer of home security. You can also monitor sump pump activity and receive a notification when your sump pump is not running or if the water level is too high.

Smart Water Valve & Meter

The Smart Water Valve+Meter uses cutting-edge technology to monitor your water usage and detect leaks of any size, anywhere in your home. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a dripping faucet, have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected against water damage. Set up rules to automatically shut off your main water supply when a leak is detected by the Smart Water Valve+Meter or a Sting Alarm water sensor (sold separately, not required). Get informed about your water consumption and take action to lower your water usage.

Whole-Home Water Leak Detection

Water Consumption Monitoring

Automatic Damage Prevention

Open / Close Your Water Valve Remotely

Water Valve Management

Sting Alarm’s Water Management solution works by combining a Z-Wave Water Valve and wireless radio frequency (RF) Water Sensors to detect floods and leaks and automatically shut off a home’s water supply. The Z-Wave Water Valve can be installed by a certified plumber and can enroll into any compatible Z-Wave network.

Instant Alerts for Water Leaks

Remote Water Main Control

Z-Wave S-2 Security Protocol

Automatic Water Shut Off Events

Z-Wave Shut Off Valve

Water Management Use Cases

With our Water Management solution, it is possible to remotely open and close your water valves with our user friendly mobile app. You can also create rules to better secure your property. For example, consider creating a rule to shut off your water valve in the event a water leak is detected. You can also create a rule to automatically shut off the water valve whenever your alarm panel is armed and you are away.

Flood Sensors & Water Leak Detection

One of the most beneficial upgrades for any property are flood sensors. Whether you want remote access to damage control in the event of a flood or just looking to get a better grip on your home’s water consumption, these flood sensors make it simple. Furthermore, water leak detection can be a huge upgrade to your properties security.

As a result of our suite of security equipment and services, we can tie flood sensors in to work seamlessly with the rest of your home or businesses security system. Enjoy a centralized point of access to all of your security devices including motion detectors, security cameras and customizable automations set to compliment your daily routines based on your real time location or set time schedules. All while saving money on your properties insurance bill!

Sensor Activity Monitoring

Install in Vulnerable Areas

Water Damage Protection

Automatic Water Shut Off Events

Water Sensor Compatibility

Real Time Flooding Alerts

Restrictions Or Limitations

The Water Valve uses Z-Wave, so it has the same range limitations as any other Z-Wave device. As most water mains and pipes are located in basements and walls, be particularly aware of Z-Wave range and its limitations. Additionally, the Water Valve + Meter uses AC power and needs to be located within range of an AC power source.

If you are unsure whether or not our Water Leak Detection service is right for your situation, give us a call! Our team of experts will conduct an onsite review of your property and can address all your security needs professionally!

AC Power Required

Certified Plumber Install

Limited to Z-Wave Range

Operating Humidity

Limited to Indoor Use Only

Operating Temperature

Don't Worry About Leaks, With Smart Water Tech That Keeps Your Home in Check

Sting Alarm’s Water Management solution provides proactive leak detection and responsive automation to help prevent water damage from flooding or burst water pipes. Contact us today for a free quote.

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