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Intrusion Detection

Achieve Smarter Intrusion Detection

Keep the focus on your bottom line, knowing your business is better protected with connected intrusion detection.

Intrusion Detection


Keep your system safe. Robust data and network security includes end-to-end encrypted traffic and two-factor authentication.

Enjoy continuous protection. for Business features automatic arming and dual-path communication.

No expertise needed. With no special IT requirements and no local software to maintain, commercial intrusion detection is hassle-free.

Manage User Codes and Emergency Contacts with Ease.

Instant user code creation and deletion: manage your emergency contact list with ease from Sting Alarm mobile app or website.

Control Remotely, Securely

In the event of an alarm being triggered, you can quickly and easily verify if it’s a genuine emergency or a false alarm using our mobile app. This allows you to take appropriate action promptly, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind for your property.

Intrusion Detection


Help customers manage their business strategically with Business Activity Analytics, an intelligent feature that allows customers to track the movement of people in and around their business.

Intrusion Detection

Verify Alarms with Intrusion + Cameras

When an alarm is triggered from one of the intrusion sensors, receive a video alert, and quickly verify if it’s a false alarm or real emergency.

Intrusion Detection

See Everywhere, Any Time

Your business is there even when you are not. Quickly check the status of any or all intrusion sensors in real time to verify your business is secure.

Intrusion Detection

Maintain Oversight

Identify activity in restricted areas, directly from the mobile app or web dashboard.


These intrusion detection features restore your time– and your peace of mind.

Just like that, onboarding and offboarding new employees is a breeze

Intrusion Detection

Premium Security for Less - Protect Your Business Today!

Get unbeatable business security in Las Vegas with Sting Alarm systems – your trusted partner for video monitoring and object recognition technology! With 24/7 alarm monitoring and advanced video analytics, you can protect your investment with confidence and peace of mind. Choose us for the best in business security solutions!

Intrusion Detection

Business Analytics & Automation

Intrusion Detection

Temperature & Energy Management

Intrusion Detection

Smart Physical Access Control

Intrusion Detection

Smart CCTV & Video Monitoring

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