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Hot Spot Alert! Las Vegas home and business break-ins by zip code

Las Vegas Metro Police were called to investigate around 1,230 burglary reports in November (not including automobile break-ins), which averages out to about 41 reports a day. Metro Police Officer Laura Meltzer stated that “a burglary is defined as entering a structure with the intent to commit a crime.  It shouldn’t be confused with a… Read more »

Thieves break into as many as 7 Las Vegas restaurants

No arrests have yet been made in regards to 7 restaurant burglaries that took place early Monday morning.  As many as 7 restaurants were broken into and 2 suspects seem to have been involved.  Food and drinks were stolen from the restaurants, although no cash was taken. Officers say burglaries were reported between 1 and 5… Read more »

The main advantage of a video surveillance (Video)

The main advantage of a video surveillance system is the ability to detect, mitigate and manage potential security risks even before they happen. Being able to evaluate surveillance footage will allow you to identify potential risks, target trouble areas, minimize loss of inventory, safeguard against vandalism and protect employees and customers against violence. Video surveillance… Read more »

Security Tip #9 – Check and Lock!

This might sound simple because it is. ALWAYS make sure windows and doors are locked. Criminals are very opportunistic. If someone comes across an unlocked window or door that can be all it takes to become a victim of a burglary. Ensure windows and doors are secure and protected by intrusion detection sensors. For more… Read more »

Security Tip #8 – Consult a business security professional

Before making a decision consult a Sting professional to identify potential internal and external threats to your business. Our experts have a lot of information on local crime trends, can offer insights into your business, and can help determine possible vulnerabilities that you might not have considered. For more information head to or call… Read more »

Security Tip #7 – Put a closed-door policy in place

Any open doors on warehouses or any facility can render your business vulnerable to opportunistic criminals. Potential burglars can study your facility, identify targets inside, and even analyze the layout. Have a closed-door policy in place to ensure unattended areas are secure. For more information head to or call (702)-625-6595 to speak directly with… Read more »

Sting Home Alarms and Security Systems (Video)

The protection of your personal space is of utmost importance. Sting not only provides unmatched surveillance, but we also provide a suite of services that compliment it. The entire suite works together to provide a comprehensive safety solution to deliver maximum protection.

Security Tip #6 – Always shred sensitive information

Reduce your company’s vulnerability by regularly shredding sensitive information. Preventing criminals from having access to customer information, account numbers, employee information, vendor information, and sales information can enhance overall security. For more information head to or call (702)-625-6595 to speak directly with a Sting professional.

Security Tip #5 – Video Surveillance is a necessity

When installing video surveillance ensure the systems are completely covering the facility, specifically entrances and exits. Another factor to consider is making sure the camera has a high enough resolution to adequately capture faces and/or license plate numbers. Video surveillance can be a powerful tool used to deter crime and can pay for itself easily… Read more »

Security Tip #4 – Monitored security systems can help protect your premises

Having a 24-hour monitored security system is necessary if you want the utmost protection. Without a monitored system, which can dispatch law enforcement, criminals can have more time during a break-in. You can increase the odds of stopping criminals in their tracks by having a monitored system. For more information head to or call… Read more »