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Smart Home Alarm System

What is a Smart Home Alarm System?

When most people think of a home alarm system, they remember their parents old-school system. That system was likely a nuisance due to its inconvenient controls and limited benefits. Those days are now over thanks to our smart home alarm systems! Today’s smart home alarm systems make your life easier, more productive and secure by transforming your home into a smart home with interactive security, video monitoring, access control, energy management, and even automation! In this blog, we will be explaining what exactly a smart home alarm system consists of and why it’s the best home improvement decision a homeowner can make.


Smart Control Panels

At the heart of every smart home alarm system is a master control panel. This is where all aspects of your smart homes alarm system connect. The days of installing a new phone line or connecting them to your home’s wireless internet connection are long gone. At Sting Alarm Las Vegas, our smart home alarm systems master control panels have an integrated, tamper resistant, cellular connection that protects your home from “crash and smash” burglar attacks. Our smart control panels enable 24/7 professional monitoring for your home and allows you to control your smart home alarm system directly from your smart phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world.

Smart Home Alarm System

Smart Cameras

Cameras are your first line of defense when it comes to home security. If there is movement in view of your cameras, inside or outside of your home, your smart home alarm system automatically sends an alert to your smart phone or tablet. You can watch a live feed of your cameras or watch a clip of when the movement occurred, from anywhere in the world. In addition to its security benefits, cameras allow you to keep an eye on your family and pets when you are not home. If you already have smart cameras and are tired of being alerted by wildlife walking around, or that pesky tree branch blowing in the wind… Keep reading, Sting Alarm is the solution for you!

Sting Alarm Las Vegas provides state-of-the-art technology and security cameras that can be adjusted to ignore pets up to 40 pounds! When paired with our powerful A.I. Video Analytics, you no longer have to deal with nonsense, time wasting alerts from wildlife or even that tree branch blowing in the wind!

Smart Home Alarm System

Smart Doorbell Cameras

With Sting Alarm, your doorbell just got smarter! Now you can see who is at your door and even communicate with them. Receive an alert anytime someone comes in proximity of your Smart Doorbell Camera or when they ring your doorbell. Have a package being delivered? Speak to your courier with two-way voice communication so you can tell them exactly where to leave the package. If you missed the alert on your smart phone or tablet, you can watch a video recording that includes audio from when the alert occurred.

Smart Home Alarm System

Smart Door Locks

Ever lost your keys, locked yourself out of the house, or forgot to lock your door? The days of hiding a key outside or driving back home to lock your door are over! Thanks to Smart Door Locks, you can now lock and unlock your door either from a numerical keypad or remotely from your smart phone or tablet. The numerical keypad allows you to create unique codes for anyone you want to have access to your home. Anytime a unique code is used to unlock your door, you will be notified. The benefits are even greater when combined with a Smart Doorbell Camera. If you have a package being delivered, you can then speak to your courier through your Smart Doorbell Camera giving them instructions to place the package inside your home. Coupled with smart door locks, you can then unlock your door, providing them with access to leave the package inside your home and lock it again remotely once they leave.


Smart Home Alarm System

Smart Thermostats

Manage your home’s thermostat directly from your smart phone or tablet while lying in bed or vacationing in Europe! Create automated schedules that are set to change the temperature in your home throughout the day. You can also create easy rules to have an added layer of smart automation based on system activity. Have your thermostat automatically set back when the system is armed away, or even pause if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected to limit the circulation of fumes and mitigate damages.


Smart Home Alarm System

Smart Garage Doors

Garage doors are a key entry point into your home. With a Sting Alarm smart home alarm system you can remotely open or close the garage door and expect notifications when the door is left open when it shouldn’t be.


Smart Home Alarm System

Smart Fire, Carbon Monoxide & Water Sensors

Life is full of surprises. Some are great, but others can be dangerous. Fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and water leaks can happen whether you are home or away. Sometimes they happen while your at home and you don’t realize it until it’s too late. Smart Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Water Sensors can alert you the moment these emergencies occur and notify our 24/7 monitoring station which in turn contacts your local police or fire department immediately.

Smart Home Alarm System

Smart Motion Detectors & Door Sensors

Two of the most fundamental parts to any smart home alarm system are motion detectors and door sensors. These are the final lines of defense when a criminal is attempting to break into your home. They can alert you to unexpected activities and notify our professional monitoring station through the master control panel to check for break-ins along your property.


Smart Home Alarm System

Smarter Automation

Advanced technology understands what’s happening around your property and takes action on your behalf, proactively. Smart home automation means smarter home security. With real-time data from the security sensors and connected devices around your home, your smart home alarm system can understand your activity patterns and make smarter decisions on your behalf than standalone devices can. This automatic, proactive safeguard looks after your family by learning your activity patterns, spotting unusual activity and notifying you when it happens. Garage door left open after 10pm? Front door opened early on Saturday? Now you’ll know.

Smart Home Alarm SystemGeo-Location Services

With Sting Alarm, geo-location services are accessible through your smart phone app and know when you’re coming and going! This modern technology can automatically trigger your system to send you an arming reminder, turn your outside lights on or off, or even cool your house to the perfect temperature before you get home. Smart Home Scenes provide control over your entire home with a single tap of the touchscreen. Scenes are pre-programmed settings and let you adjust multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you’re waking up or going to bed, your home can be just the way you want it, instantly.


Smart Home Alarm System


Smart home alarm systems are the perfect way to make your life easier and more secure. Sting Alarm Las Vegas offers surprisingly affordable smart home alarm systems that include all of the services mentioned in this blog and can be customized specifically to your lifestyle and needs. With our professionally installed smart home alarm systems, you can rest assured that everything will be installed correctly the first time and fully operational from day 1.

If that’s not enough, we also offer 24/7 monitoring for your smart home alarm system directly from our professional monitoring station. Our monitoring station is staffed day and night with professionals on watch to make sure your home and family is safe and will contact your local police or fire departments in the event of an emergency.

Interested in a smart home alarm system? Fill out the “free quote” form and one of our Sting Alarm Las Vegas Security Professionals will reach out to consult you. 😊