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Smart Home Automation

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Smart home devices that add comfort and control, without sacrificing security. Sting Alarm provides integrated smart home devices that work with your security via Z-wave+ technology and advanced integrations on our smart home app. Our smart thermostats are smarter than the rest, or smart deadbolt door locks and garage openers give you control over who comes and goes, and flexible smart outlets and light bulbs can shed some light at the right time which can help you deter bad guys and high electric bills.

Automation, control & convenience.


We take the worry out of being in a hurry. Never forget to close the garage and lock the door again, with smart features like geo-location detection and automated scenes that will lock up for you. Smart notifications along with the control and management of your home in the palm of your hand. Is your home smart? Check out some of our smart home products to see why upgrading your home to a smart home is a smart idea.

The best smart home security app available.

Smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats and energy control can reduce waste and bills. By installing a smart thermostat in your home you will enjoy the benefits of control and comfort, while making a postive impact on your homes energy efficiency. In addition to smart heating and cooling, our systems also integrate with select energy meters that feature technology that gives you the insight on the energy consumption of your home.


Set -it and forget-it schedules
Smart routines help you save on energy
Set Advanced Automations via scenes
Integrate Your Existing z-wave thermostat
Humidity and motion sensors built-in
Emergency automation protocols
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Smart door locks and garage control.

Ever leave the house and forget if you locked the door? Closed the garage? Smart locks and garage control coupled with Sting Alarm’s smart home app take care of the thinking for you. With voice control you can even lock up the house hands free. Our smart security system will even notify you if the garage is open when you leave the house, thanks to geo-location technology. Ready to get a smarter home? 

Control doors remotely on smart apps
Set individual user codes and control access
Automations to arm panel and lock doors
Integrate Your Existing z-wave door locks
Smart unexpected activity alerts
Integrated with video doorbell camera

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Smart light bulbs and outlets.

One of coolest upgrades for any home are smart light bulbs and outlets. Whether you want easy control of different lights or to get a better grip on your home’s energy, these smart home devices make it simple. Furthermore, smart lighting automation can be a huge upgrade to your home’s security. As a result of our suite of security equipment and services, we can tie together everything from motion detectors and security cameras to your daily routines based on your location. With our smart plug-in outlets, you can basically control anything in your home, including appliances.


Group lights and outlets for simple control
Turn on/off and set light dimmer on app
Advanced power automations
Integrate Your Existing z-wave devices
Trigger light automation scenes
Trigger lights on security events
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Smart home voice control.

There’s a growing popularity of smart voice assistants, and with the integration of our platform, you can see the reason why. Check on the doors, arm your security system, control your a/c and more, just say the word! With the ability to build automation scenes within your voice assistant as well as our smart home app platform, you can control just about anything without having to lift a finger.

Integrates with Google Home and Alexa

Smart voice commands to lock the doors

Use voice to turn lights on/off

Integrate voice commands with other devices 

Easier hands-free home management

Voice commands from devices

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