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Wireless Security System

Integrating Wired Devices into a Wireless Security System with IQ Panel 4 and IQ Hardwire

The Customer

A men’s clothing retailer specializes in formal business and “Sunday Best” apparel. They have several locations in a specific state. As a family-owned business, the owner is very involved in daily operations. This helps ensure the company’s commitment to quality and customer service. Recently, they decided to upgrade their security by integrating a Wireless Security System.

The Problem

Before the current owner took over in 2021, the retailer had theft problems for over 10 years. Employees with access to the security system and locks would steal cash from the register and merchandise. These incidents were hard to track because they happened randomly and infrequently.

The locations had old security systems that could not supervise day-to-day operations well. Their setup needed monitoring by a third-party company and did not have instant notifications. This made it hard to oversee store operations effectively.

The thefts and outdated security systems caused a loss of income and trust among employees. Without a way to monitor when employees arrived or left, the threat of theft persisted, and the workplace culture suffered.

When the new owner took over in 2021, he sought a better solution to stop the thefts. Having used the IQ Panel 4 at home and enjoyed its features, he decided to use the IQ family of products to protect his stores with a modern Wireless Security System.

The Solution

Three of the retailer’s locations installed new security systems using the IQ Panel 4 as the control center. They also used IQ Remote panels to expand control across the stores. Although the IQ Panel 4 is a Wireless Security System, the retailer used their existing wired infrastructure and old, hardwired security devices. This was done through an IQ Hardwire, which integrated them into the new wireless system. This approach reduced installation time and costs.

For new devices, like the IQ Water Valve, PowerG wireless ensured full coverage of each store’s square footage. The systems were installed in three days. Each employee now has a unique security code. This provides the retailer with data on arrival and departure times and store activity after hours. The interface allows the owner to view store cameras and get real-time notifications on his phone and computer.

With IQ Panel 4 and a fully integrated Wireless Security System through, the retailer’s security problems were quickly solved. This new security system improved overall security, reduced theft incidents, and restored trust and peace of mind for the business.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Real-time notifications
  • Improved employee monitoring
  • Enhanced store security

By leveraging existing infrastructure and integrating with advanced Wireless Security System technology, the retailer significantly enhanced their security system. This comprehensive solution ensures a safer environment, boosts employee trust, and protects valuable assets.

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