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Home Security Actions to Take in the New Year

The new year is a great time to consider new products and services to add to your home security. Las Vegas homeowners can trust Sting Alarm to recommend only the best of these offerings; here are the home security actions and options we recommend for 2023.  

Test Your Security System

Every homeowner should test the alarm system, a minimum of every three months for a total of four times per year. By testing your security system, you are making sure it will work properly if an emergency happens. Every home security system is at risk of failing unexpectedly, whether it’s because of recent electrical work causing interference, or an unintended tampering during a home renovation. Even in this time of modern technological advancements, wireless signal failures are a rare possibility. By testing your system quarterly, you can be sure there are no signal failures stopping your alarm from working when you need it the most. To test your system as a Sting Alarm customer, call us at 702-737-8464 (press 1 for the monitoring center) and request a system test. You’ll receive easy-to-follow instructions to complete our simple system test.  

Add Smart Home Cameras 

Most homeowners start out with traditional home security cameras — but in 2023, you need smart home cameras for all the benefits of true home surveillance. Upgrading to smart home cameras will give you real-time alerts to your smartphone anytime suspicious activity is captured on your cameras. Smart home cameras are equipped with AI that evaluates the level of risk to filter out animals, passing vehicles and weather-triggered motions before an alert is generated. In addition to a smart doorbell camera outside, we also recommend having our 180-degree smart home cameras installed inside the home.

Our smart home cameras can be equipped with 2-way audio, so you can speak directly to those on camera and frighten intruders away. 

Protect from Water Damage

Winter is a critical time of year to get a handle on your water consumption and protect your home from water damage. Sting Alarm can help, with water management that delivers you information on your water usage so you can make informed decisions for budgeting and energy management. In addition, we offer the Smart Water Valve Meter, a Z-Wave technology device that can automatically shut off your main water supply when a water leak is detected. If you opt to shut off the main water valve yourself, the Smart Water Valve + Meter also lets you do it remotely with your own smartphone. 

Separate from these water management services, we also offer water leak detection that relies on smart sensors you place in high-risk areas of your home. If you are in an area that is at risk of freezing, we also recommend adding on pipe freeze sensors. Ask us about adding any of these water management services to your home security. 

Whether you’re curious about the options we make available or have questions on the actions you need to take, Sting Alarm can be your resource for your house security. Las Vegas homeowners can call us at the number below to discuss home security for 2023. 

Sting Alarm

Sting Alarm is your go-to home security expert in Las Vegas. Let us help you customize your home security system with the features and technology you need and protect the things (and people) that matter most. Call us at 702.737.8464 today.