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Water management

Filling an Urgent Need for Water Management in Las Vegas

Utility companies are raising their rates nationwide, and Nevada is no exception. From the state’s natural gas companies charging 15% more, to Clark County’s largest water agency adjusting its tiered model to charge higher rates to residents with high water usage, energy costs are spiking in 2023. 

Water Use Mandates 

Meanwhile, the amount that Southern Nevada is mandated to decrease its water usage by has gone up as well. The region was required to decrease consumption by 7 billion gallons in 2022; in 2023, the mandate is now 8 billion gallons. According to the Las Vegas Valley Water District, the average local household uses 10,000 to 11,000 gallons of water every month; that’s perilously close to the 14,000 gallon threshold of usage the district has set for the winter. With all this weighing on residents, there is clearly an urgent need for water management in Las Vegas. Fortunately, Sting Alarm has a solution. 

Water Consumption Monitoring

The average homeowner needs technology tools to monitor water consumption. We have that tool with our Smart Water Valve+Meter. The Smart Water Valve+Meter measures and reports your water consumption every day; then, it allows you to view your daily average water usage on the same mobile app you use to manage your smart home security system. With this tool, you’ll be able to view your consumption history for specific date ranges. This means you can identify trends in your family’s water usage and make decisions for your household based on that information. 

High Usage Alerts

You’ll see a High Usage alert if your daily usage exceeds 125% of your daily average daily water usage, and a Very High Usage alert when the daily usage exceeds 200% of your daily average.

This is the information you need to help determine how long showers should be, how many loads of laundry to do each week, and the many other water usage decisions families make every day.  

There is an urgent need for water management in Las Vegas, and Sting Alarm is here to help. To discuss water consumption monitoring for your household, call us today. We look forward to providing more information. 

Sting Alarm

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