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Cameras to Combat Loitering in Las Vegas

Loitering happens all over Las Vegas, and many property owners feel the impact. When loiterers refuse to leave a business, this deters prospective customers from entering. They tell their friends and neighbors about the loitering taking place, and word spreads through the community like wildfire. Very quickly, loitering can create a detrimental effect for stretches of retailers, restaurants, casinos and other establishments. 

Examples of Loitering in Las Vegas

To some, the definition of loitering in Las Vegas may seem unclear. After all, the city is full of tourists who spend lots of time on the sidewalks, and may not spend money in every business they enter. To clear up any misconceptions, here are three examples of loitering in Las Vegas. 

  • Being on the grounds of a childcare center, school, park, playground or pool without a legitimate reason to be there (responsibility for a child on the premises). 
  • Lingering in the gaming areas of a casino or licensed gaming facility if under age 21. 
  • Engaging in unlawful or sexual acts in a public restroom. 

These acts are legally regarded as loitering and can be charged as misdemeanors under Nevada law. 

How Security Cameras Can Help Fight Loitering 

To combat the persistent loitering problem throughout the region, Sting Alarm proposes our advanced monitoring solutions that provide enhanced awareness.

We carry products designed for superior protection of commercial environments; if you’re an owner or property manager, we can help you dramatically reduce incidents of loitering on the premises. 

Our cameras monitor activity around the property 24/7, and can alert you when prolonged movement is detected around specified areas. Alerts can be sent to your email or via text to your smartphone, keeping you in the loop from wherever you are so you can take action as necessary. 

Call Sting Alarm to Learn More

Loitering in Las Vegas is a problem — but with our help, you can make a major dent in occurrences of this nuisance. To discuss our advanced monitoring solutions, call Sting Alarm today. We look forward to assisting you.   

Sting Alarm

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