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Kid Safety

Kids Full of Surprises? Here are 5 ways to help keep them safe!

When you’re a parent, life is full of surprises. Some of them more welcome than others…

Kids made you breakfast in bed? That’s cute. Kids got into the garage and painted the floor purple? That’s not cute at all…

To protect your kids and your home from bad ideas that seemed good at the time, Sting Alarm provides “Unexpected Activity” alerts. It’s a layer of proactive, intelligent protection powered by our Insights Engine. Our Insights Engine can identify normal daily household patterns & routines and notify you when something out of the ordinary occurs within your home.

Sting Alarm’s Insights Engine works proactively as part of a smart home security platform that can be installed to empower your household. Over time, you can train it with simple ‘useful / not useful’ feedback which our Insights Engine will adapt to. You can easily ‘pause’ this feature when a sudden schedule change, such as a sick day, begins triggering alerts.

Unusual Activity notifications can be triggered by a variety of sensors around your home, including contact sensors on doors and windows, and motion sensors that you can place in dangerous or forbidden areas to help keep your kids safe.

Here are five areas of your home where an Unexpected Activity alert can save the day.

1. External doors

On weekday mornings, your front door sees a lot of activity. On weekend mornings—not so much… so why did it just open at 6:30 AM? Answer: your curious four-year old is exploring the front yard while you’re still waking up with your first cup of coffee. This Unexpected Activity can trigger a notification that will have you alert in no time.


2. Gun Safe

You may have recently purchased a firearm to protect yourself, your home and/or your loved ones. For many of us, that can be a hard decision to make. That is because we are concerned with the possibility of such a lethal weapon being inappropriately accessed by the ones it was meant to protect.  In addition to a gun safe, why not install a motion sensor to alert you of activity that occurs within that space?

3. Medicine cabinet

For young children, the bathroom can be one of your home’s most hazardous areas—especially once they’re able to move and climb onto a chair to explore its shelves etc. You can place a contact sensor on your medicine cabinet to know instantly when it’s accessed outside of your normal routine.


4. Top of stairs

Whether it’s a bad dream or a stomach ache, every child will sometimes get up and wander in the night. If their bedroom is near the stairs, being alerted in time can help you avert the danger of a sleepy child taking a tumble.


5. Door to the garage

With its mysterious tools and shelves, your garage is possibly the most alluring area of your home to inquisitive children. While you’re often there during weekends, a weekday alert from your internal garage door’s contact sensor can indicate that youngsters are trying to get hands-on with your tools or paints.


These are just a few use cases, but there are many depending on each individual homes specific needs. That’s where Sting Alarm differs from other security companies, we recognize this fact and we embrace it. We do not try to sell our customers on “bundled” packages of outdated security equipment. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive only the best equipment, and that it caters to their specific and exact needs, everyday.


Interested in a Sting Alarm smart home security system? Fill out the form or give us a call at 702-737-8464 and one of our Sting Alarm Security Professionals will be with you.