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Three Ways a Smart Home Alarm System Can Protect Your Household Budget

As you look for ways to get more value from the money you spend, we suggest adding smart home security as a new line item.

If you’re thinking that new technology sounds more like a holiday splurge than a budgeting measure, think again. In terms of value, we think this technology investment makes sound sense.

Engineered to make your home more secure and more efficient, Sting Alarm Las Vegas can protect your budget from high bills and costly, unexpected emergency expenses. Here are a few ways how:

1: Sting Alarm Las Vegas can safeguard against energy waste

All smart thermostats save energy, but a Smart Thermostat, powered by your security system, has more ways to save.

Sting Alarm Las Vegas - - Living Room - Back Door Left Open

It knows when you’re home and when you’re not, and can automatically switch into energy-saving mode when you’re away. On extra-hot or cold days, it knows the temperature outside and can set back by a degree or two. It can even alert you and turn off the heat when someone leaves a door open, so you don’t have to worry about heating the outdoors.

If you add smart plugs and smart lights to your security system, and pay attention to its energy monitoring options, you can compound your energy savings throughout the entire house.

2: Sting Alarm Las Vegas can protect you from big-ticket emergency costs

As a homeowner, occasional big fixes to your house are a fact of life. However, there are ways to keep them to a minimum. Sting Alarm Las Vegas offers an array of proactive safeguards to help you catch problems early before they cascade into big bills.

Sink - Water Sensor
Take water leaks, for example. They happen easily—especially in wintertime—and can quickly cascade into a multi-thousand dollar cleanup bill. Sting Alarm Las Vegas can quickly detect this emergency, keeping damage to a minimum.

3: Sting Alarm Las Vegas can help you earn home insurance discounts

What’s your insurance company’s favorite kind of customer? Homebodies. People who spend more time at home are less risky, from an insurance perspective, because when something goes wrong, there’s someone there to react and to stop the damage.

This is also why many insurance companies offer a discount of up to 20 percent to homeowners with professionally-monitored home security.

Every Sting Alarm Las Vegas security system is professionally monitored. If there’s notification of a break-in or fire, a trained security professional will alert the police or fire department on your behalf, ensuring that help is dispatched to your home as soon as possible.

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