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The Importance of Testing Your Security System

Whether your security system is at home or business, you should test it on a regular basis. Keep reading to learn how often you should test your security system, why testing your alarm is important, and how Sting Alarm customers in the Las Vegas area should test their systems.

Why Test Your Security System 

You should test your alarm system in order to ensure it is operating properly — so that in the event of an emergency, you can be assured it will work when you need it most. Just like any electronic device, your security system is not immune to unexpected failure. By testing your alarm, you can know whether your system requires our support (remote troubleshooting or onsite repair). 

How Often to Test Your Alarm System

Your alarm system should be tested regularly, but how often is that? At a minimum, we recommend testing your security system on a quarterly basis (every three months, for a total of four times per year). By testing your alarm quarterly, you can rule out the most common security system problems.

If you are able to test your security system monthly, that can help ensure even more reliable protection. 

Common Security System Problems

What problems might your security system have? Here are some of the most common problems with alarm systems, as well as the most common triggers for security systems breaking or malfunctioning. 

Recent Electrical Work

If a technician has recently been working on your home or building’s electrical systems, there’s a chance of them unintentionally interfering with your alarm panel. After any electrical work on your property has taken place, test your security system to see if it was impacted. 

Home Renovations 

One of the most common reasons for security system failure is recent home renovations or building modifications. Contractors could unintentionally tamper with your motion sensors during their work. If this happens, it could impede the sensors from triggering the alarm during a break-in.   

Wireless Signal Failure

Signal failure is rare, but it can happen with any wireless communication system. With a security system, a signal failure would prevent the alarm from communicating with the monitoring center (AKA central station). By testing your system quarterly, you can be sure there are no signal failures preventing you from getting help when you need it. 

How to Test Your Alarm System

To test your system as a Sting Alarm customer, follow these steps: 

  • Call us at 702-737-8464 (press 1 for the monitoring center). 
  • Request a system test. Placing the system in Test mode will prevent you from triggering a false alarm.
  • Follow instructions to place the system in Test mode. These include:
    • Arming the system (setting it to Away).  
    • Walking around the home or building. 
    • Opening doors and windows where sensors are located. 

Then, call back the monitoring center to discuss whether any of the sensors failed during the test. If any did, we will advise you on the next course of action, whether that is remote troubleshooting or scheduling a service appointment. 

These are the details on testing your security system as a Sting Alarm customer. For additional questions on maintaining and testing your alarm system, call us at 702-737-8464. We will be glad to assist you. 

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