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Security Investment

The Best Security Is A Good Investment!

The best way to protect your home and family from fire, burglaries and personal emergencies is with a smart security system. A security system is not only a good investment towards home improvement; it produces immediate benefits as well. Insurance companies offer a discount on your homeowners insurance ranging from 10% to 20% for monitored security systems.

The Security System

Security systems are more affordable than many people think. To find out what is best for each situation, you need to do a security survey of your home. For some people the investment in a security system may be under $200, for others in an identical home it could be $5,000. It all depends on your needs and lifestyle.

For example:

If you are living in a home and your only concern is emergency detection and burglar protection when you are away, the following system may be all that you need:

The BASIC Monitored Security System

Control Panel

Surveillance Cameras

Perimeter Door & Window Sensors

Motion Sensor

Emergency Detection Devices

This may seem like a limited system, but it’s actually a lot for the money.

  1. Control Panels 

    Security Investment
    The control panel is the brains of the security system and the main interface you would use outside of the mobile app to operate, manage, and configure home security features and devices.

  2. Surveillance cameras

    Security Investment
    Surveillance cameras are an incredibly powerful addition to any home security system. They often work hand in hand with a variety of other smart home security devices and provide great utility for business owners as well. When powered by Video Analytics, these cameras can distinguish differences between various objects and life forms and be set to selectively notify you accordingly. You no longer need to be alerted every time your Dog runs across the backyard.

  3. Door & Window Sensors

    Security Investment80% of all break-ins occur through a first floor door or window. By placing sensors on first floor windows, the front and back door, or front door and sliding patio door, your security system gains a lot of coverage for the investment.

  4. Motion Sensors

    Security Investment

    Almost all residential break-ins include burglarizing the master bedroom and the living/family room. The master bedroom is where we keep the cash, jewelry, guns, etc. and the living/family room is where the electronics are kept (i.e. stereos, games, TV, etc.) No matter how they came into the house, sooner or later the burglar walks down the hall going from the living/family room to the master bedroom. A strategically placed motion sensor can activate your home alarm as burglars move throughout the house and scare off the criminals. If you have pets, fear not! This motion sensor is pet immune!

  5. Emergency detection devices

    Security Investment
    Emergency detection devices are critical to your families safety while inside the home. Once connected to your home security system, you can include professional monitoring to dispatch emergency services automatically! Whether you are aware of an emergency taking place or not, professional monitoring is on the lookout 24/7 and can provide significant discounts along your homes insurance costs.

    This system is more thorough than it first appears. Yet depending on your needs it can easily be expanded upon by adding additional door & window sensors, motion sensors, personal emergency portable devices, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire alarm sensors.

    Designing a security system is a balance of meeting needs and budget. No matter what your needs or concerns, a security system can be configured for any home and lifestyle. Sting Alarm offers free security consultations. Simply complete a “Free Quote” form and one of our professionals will reach out to discuss your needs. Together we can design a security system that’s perfect to protect your family, home and budget.