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Sting Security Cameras

Sting Security Cameras

Old-school security cameras may be good enough for some homeowners and business owners. However, security technology has evolved so much that it only makes sense to enjoy the benefits of recent changes. From smart technology to improved video definition to cloud computing, today’s modern home security cameras are incredible– and useful.

Sting Alarms offers a few different types of security cameras in Las Vegas that anyone can enjoy for their home or business.


Smart Home Security Cameras

Sting Alarms’ home security camera systems are perfect for giving homeowners a stronger sense of security and control over their homes. Our smart home cameras are outfitted with Sting Alarm technology, so you’ll get the benefits of both recording capabilities and a security alarm. You can easily disarm or arm your system wherever you are, all through your smartphone. You can even control locks and garage doors in addition to the security that cameras provide all within one mobile app.

Sting Security Cameras

Encrypted Wireless Security Cameras

Encrypted wireless security cameras are security cameras that utilize end-to-end encryption. This type of encryption protects data that is sent between the security camera user and the cloud. Essentially, it ensures that your home system will not be exposed to hackers. Unfortunately, not many modern security camera systems boast this type of encryption, which is all the more reason Sting Alarm is excited to offer this technology to our customers. Encrypted security cameras are an excellent choice for protecting your home’s privacy.

Sting Security Cameras

Smart Video Analytics and AI Detection Cameras

Smart home security cameras can do so much, the possibilities seem almost endless! Our smart video cameras at Sting Alarm can be integrated with advanced AI technology. This means that our cameras will be able to identify what they are viewing and recording. This is extremely revolutionary in the world of home security. Our security cameras can now identify whether something picked up on screen is an animal, a pet, or a stranger. We also offer excellent virtual tripwires and motion-focused zones, so there will be no need to check on your home’s security cameras every time a squirrel decides to cross by.


Security Camera Cloud Recording and Video Storage

One of the biggest flaws of traditional security camera technology came down to storage. Before the days of the cloud, security cameras had to save massive volumes of data onto physical hard drives or VHS tapes. This was very inconvenient and the data often had to be erased on a regular basis. This can be problematic, especially if you need to find video footage from a specific time period that may already have been erased. Our cloud storage technology ensures that your data is being uploaded in real-time to the cloud. There’s no need to delete older videos, your data is much more secure, and your security system experience is a much more enjoyable one.


Are you in need of security cameras in Las Vegas? Get a fast quote from Sting Alarms today. We’re looking forward to helping you create a safer environment for your home or business. Click on the free quote button or give us a call at 702-737-8464.