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Car theft

Stay Alert, Las Vegas! Recent Trends in Burglaries and Car Thefts 2nd Qtr 2023

Welcome to our eye-opening examination on crime trends in the city that never sleeps: Las Vegas. This piece focuses specifically on burglaries and car thefts, which, despite the city’s glamour and allure, have unfortunately been on the rise. “Stay Alert, Las Vegas!” is not just a call to action; it is a reflection of our commitment to inform and equip both residents and tourists with vital information. It’s time to delve into an informed discussion on the current landscape of these crimes, their implications, and possible preventative measures. Let’s pull back the curtain on the less-than-glitzy side of Vegas.

Burglary and Breaking & Entering in Las Vegas

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, there have been 4,766 reported instances of burglary and break-ins as of July 14, 2023. Despite a promising overall decrease of 7.8% in these crimes across Las Vegas, certain areas have not seen the same progress. In fact, since the first quarter, there has been an unexpected 2.4% increase in these crimes.

Specific neighborhoods are experiencing a worrying trend. In Summerlin, there has been a notable 5.40% increase in burglaries and break-ins compared to the previous year. The situation is even more disconcerting in the Enterprise neighborhood, which has seen a surge of 18.2%.

While the broader statistics might suggest a reduction in crime, these neighborhood-specific increases are a clear sign that certain areas remain vulnerable and need focused attention to address the issue effectively.

Car theft

One of the Factors Behind the Reduction in Burglaries and Break-ins

Interestingly, the overall decline in burglaries and break-ins in Las Vegas can be partly attributed to the increased adoption of preventive measures by residents. Among these, the installation of home security systems plays a pivotal role.

Home security systems have become more sophisticated and accessible, providing a strong deterrent against potential burglars. These systems often include door and window sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, and alarms that trigger in case of unauthorized entry. Many also offer 24/7 monitoring services, ensuring immediate response to any security breaches. Some homeowners have taken additional measures like reinforcing doors and windows and installing sensor-triggered outdoor lighting.

As more residents invest in these preventative solutions, there’s a potential for the burglary and break-in rates in Las Vegas to decrease further. Nonetheless, it remains essential to continue these efforts, especially in neighborhoods like Summerlin and Enterprise that have seen recent upticks in these crimes.

Car theft

Motor Vehicle Theft in Las Vegas

In stark contrast, motor vehicle thefts in Las Vegas have surged significantly, showing a distressing 37.2% year-over-year increase. A total of 4,766 vehicles have been reported stolen in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area this year, an escalation from the 31% rise noted in the first quarter. The neighborhoods of Summerlin, Northwest, and Southeast are grappling with particularly alarming spikes in these crimes, showing respective increases of 74.7%, 82.8%, and 62.7%. This surge not only poses a significant threat to community safety but also underscores the urgency for heightened efforts to tackle this escalating issue.

Car theft

Vehicle Theft Trends and Motivations

Both older and modern vehicles find themselves in the crosshairs of thieves, albeit through different methods. Older cars often fall prey to ‘smash and grab’ techniques, while more modern vehicles are usually targeted by organized professional groups. These groups are known to exploit keyless technologies, utilizing online tutorials to steal vehicles right off their owners’ driveways.

In response to escalating living costs, it’s plausible that an increasing number of individuals might resort to criminal activities such as car theft out of desperation. Theft from vehicles, which often involves taking goods from inside the vehicle, tends to be more opportunistic. On the other hand, the theft of the vehicles themselves is typically more premeditated and organized.

Stolen vehicles frequently find their way abroad, are disassembled for parts, or sold as-is on the black market, becoming part of a larger network of criminal activities.

Car theft
Vehicle safely parked in garage.


While it’s critical to know how to react when a vehicle theft occurs, prevention is always the best strategy, especially with Las Vegas facing escalating vehicle theft rates. Here are five key steps to help guard against vehicle theft:

  • Keep Your Vehicle Locked: This might seem obvious, but in the rush of daily life, it’s easy to forget. Whether you’re leaving your car just for a moment or parking it overnight, always lock your doors and close your windows.
  • Park Smart: Try to park in well-lit, populated areas, especially at night. If you have a garage, use it. Opportunistic thieves are more likely to target vehicles left in secluded or poorly lit areas.
  • Hide Valuables: Don’t leave items that could be attractive to thieves in plain sight. This includes electronics, wallets, purses, or shopping bags. A visible item might tempt a thief to break in, and once inside, they might decide to take the whole vehicle.
  • Install Anti-Theft Devices: A steering wheel lock, brake lock, or a vehicle immobilizer can make your car a more difficult target. Given the high rate of vehicle thefts in Las Vegas, consider investing in a car alarm or a tracking system for added security.
  • Never Leave Your Car Running Unattended: It can be tempting to leave your vehicle running while you dash into the store, especially during extreme weather, but an idling car is a prime target for thieves.
  • Install Home or Property Surveillance Cameras: While they may require an upfront investment, surveillance cameras provide invaluable security for vehicles or property parked outdoors. It’s essential to ensure these cameras are functional and positioned correctly to monitor your vehicle effectively. Familiarize yourself with the system’s operation, particularly on how to access and review the footage. This step is crucial, as it could serve as a key piece of evidence for investigative purposes should a theft occur.

These measures can significantly reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen. By staying vigilant and taking these precautions, you can help safeguard your vehicle, contributing to the broader efforts to combat the surge in vehicle thefts in Las Vegas.

Car theft
Worried calling 911 after vehicle was stolen.

What to Do if Your Vehicle Is Stolen?

Prevention is undoubtedly the first line of defense in the fight against vehicle theft. However, considering the startling 37.2% year-over-year increase in vehicle thefts in Las Vegas, it’s evident that we need to be equally prepared for potential occurrences. Residents and visitors alike must understand the gravity of this escalating issue and know the necessary steps to take if they find themselves victim to such a crime.

Take these critical steps if your vehicle is stolen:

1. Confirm the Theft: Make sure your vehicle hasn’t been towed or borrowed by someone you know before concluding it’s been stolen. With the rising incidence of vehicle theft in Las Vegas, it’s a possibility that can’t be ignored.

2. Report to the Police: As soon as you’ve confirmed your vehicle has been stolen, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department should be your first point of contact. Provide them with all pertinent details about your vehicle, along with any information on installed tracking devices. Important vehicle details to include are:

  • Year of the Vehicle
  • Make
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Model
  • Color (Specify Upper and Lower if two-toned)
  • License Plate Number
  • Name of Your Insurance Company
  • Insurance Policy Number

3. Contact Your Insurance Company: With the escalating rates of vehicle theft in the city, insurance companies play a role in mitigating the loss. Inform your insurance company as soon as possible.

4. Report the Theft to the DMV: Depending on state requirements, you may also need to report the theft to the Department of Motor Vehicles. They can assist in tracking your vehicle and flag it as stolen in their records.

5. Notify Credit Bureaus If Necessary: Identity theft is another potential risk if personal documents were left in your stolen vehicle, given the heightened crime rates in the city.

6. Monitor Local Resale Markets: Stay vigilant, particularly in Las Vegas’s local classifieds and online marketplaces. If your vehicle turns up, inform the police immediately – don’t attempt retrieval yourself.

In the face of these escalating vehicle theft rates in Las Vegas, prompt action and awareness are your best defenses. Having a plan in place and knowing how to respond can significantly increase the likelihood of recovering your vehicle. Stay safe, stay alert, and remember that being informed is the first step in prevention and response.

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