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Smart Home Thermostat

Stay Cool & Save With a Smart Home Thermostat!

It’s hot outside & for some of us, it might be hot inside too! Here are some tips to beat our local Las Vegas heat! Stay Cool…

You might be thinking, is it possible to both save money & stay cool? In short- Yes! Smart thermostats are easy to utilize and can be programmed to automatically activate based on your proximity to home or upon various other user settings. That means you no longer have to utilize a mobile app to activate your thermostat.  Return to a cool home everyday without breaking a sweat or a bank account!

Smart thermostats can be adjusted to a set schedule, or through a variety of other customizable settings. Remember the last time you left home without turning the AC off? The following probably came to mind…

Did I leave a window open?

Are all the doors closed?

When coupled with a home security system – a smart thermostat can be a major contributor to your peace of mind & your bank account!  Don’t get stuck worrying about the questions above ever again! A smart thermostat can automatically dial back in the event a door or window is left open.

If you’re serious about saving money, staying cool & adding to your peace of mind… Here are just 5 things this award winning, energy saving thermostat can do!

Smart Home Thermostat

  1. It can pair with temperature sensors throughout your home to provide compartmentalized and precise temperature control.
  2. It can integrate with home security systems for advanced customizations and configurations. Have it activate based on your proximity to home!
  3. When paired with other smart devices, it can shut down ventilation in the event of a fire, reduce fire damage & slow the spread of toxic smoke throughout your home.
  4. It provides broad HVAC compatibility and seamlessly integrates with most residential HVAC systems.
  5. It can maximize energy based savings along your monthly bill, all while adding value to your property!

Smart Home Thermostat

Additional Attributes:

✅Energy Star Certification

✅Rich OLED Display

✅Advanced Diagnostics

✅One Touch Commands

Ensuring you have a modern thermostat in your home is one of the fastest ways to increase your monthly energy savings. As a side benefit, why not add to your quality of life while increasing your properties value?  

Beat the heat, stay cool & save. You can add peace of mind, savings and comfort to your bottom line right away! Reach out to one of our experienced professionals by giving us a call at 702-737-8464 and get a free consult today!






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