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Smart Home Security for Las Vegas Homeowners

The crime rate in Las Vegas is higher than 96% of all other cities in Nevada. When it comes to the safety of your home and family, it is essential that you invest in the most reliable and advanced home security options available to suit your Las Vegas home security needs. 

While you may be aware of home security devices such as motion sensors, security cameras, window and door sensors that often power home security alarm systems, there are many other smart and even automated devices that can level up the safety and security of your home.


Remote/Programmable Lighting Control

Using Sting Alarm’s smart Las Vegas home security systems, you can access and automate the lighting in your home from your mobile device no matter where you are. This gives you more control over your home when you are away.

Remote lighting control can offer you many benefits, including:

  • Turning off that light you forgot to switch off when you left home for work, straight from your smartphone.
  • Switching off your bedroom light from your smartphone without having to get up from bed.
  • Turning on a few lights from your mobile device when you come home and the house is completely dark.
  • Programming the lights in your home to turn off automatically at bedtime to save on your electricity bill.
  • Programming your lights to automatically turn on and off at certain times of the day and night or while you are away on vacation.

These are just a few of the benefits that remote and programmable lighting control can avail you. However, the convenience, safety, and value they offer are priceless.

Smart Home Security

Thermostat Control

Las Vegas has a subtropical desert climate. This means that it can get very hot in the day but quite chilly at night. Because of this sporadic temperature, it can be tricky to keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable level.

Fortunately at Sting Alarm, we offer you smart thermostat control, which can automatically adjust the temperature in your home. Even through your smartphone, you can program, monitor and adjust the temperature of your home from work or virtually anywhere.

This is particularly beneficial on days when the temperature is fluctuating drastically, and it can allow you to return to a comfortable home. Additionally, the efficient use of energy also helps you save money on heating and cooling bills.

Smart thermostats can allow you to create and set schedules to increase or decrease the temperature of your home. Instead of keeping the temperature at a static 72 degrees, you can reduce cooling & heating automatically while away or switch it off altogether based on your proximity to home. When you are returning to your home, your programmable thermostat will automatically switch on your AC so that you can expect the perfect home temperature right as you walk through the door.

Smart Home Security

Smart Locks

If you have ever locked yourself out, having smart locks paired in with your Las Vegas home security system can be a life-saver. If you regularly forget to lock your door, smart lock features allow you to see whether the doors in your homes are locked or unlocked and enable you to secure your doors wherever you are.

This takes one of the biggest worries out of your Las Vegas home security concerns and gives you peace of mind while you’re at work or on vacation. Because you can lock and unlock your door from virtually anywhere, you can let your family and trusted others enter your home when you are away.

Stop leaving spare key’s outside of your home, it’s a major home security risk.

Doorbell Cameras and Intercoms

If you use smart locks, it’s a good idea to use doorbell cameras as well. These smart doorbells come equipped with security cameras that allow you to see who is at your doorstep. Coupled with an intercom, you can speak to anyone outside without opening your door.

Since about 34% of burglars come in through the front door of your home, setting up a doorbell camera and intercom with your Las Vegas home security system can reduce the risk of major home security issues in Las Vegas. With the help of your smartphone or mobile device, you can see who is waiting outside your door. One of the biggest advantages of that is that it scares away most criminals from breaking in or encroaching upon your property.

Smart doorbells paired with your Las Vegas home’s security can also save you from package theft, which has been notably on the rise. If you are expecting an important package, you can be notified when the delivery guy is on your porch and give them specific instructions on where to leave the package if you are away.

Smart Home Security

Home Security Las Vegas can trust

Sting Alarm is a Las Vegas-based locally owned and operated alarm company that has been providing home security in Las Vegas for 17 years. We offer state-of-the-art home security systems in Las Vegas customized to fit your home’s security needs. If you want to keep your family and home safe, head on over to and let us create a customized Las Vegas home security plan just for you.

Sting Alarm offers the best, most reliable and advanced security cameras, assorted smart home security systems, and home security automation products. We also provide the latest and greatest Qolsys alarm panels. Contact us at 702-737-8464 today! Or click the free quote button to get a free Las Vegas home security consultation!