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Smart Home Locks and Garage Doors for Your Las Vegas Home

Your home is your castle, but it doesn’t have to be a medieval one. If you’re still relying on traditional door locks and keys to secure and enter your home, then you’re keeping your house in the dark ages. With a smart home upgrade that includes smart locks for all your doors, you can bring your home up to modern standards and keep your family more secure. 

How Our Smart Locks Work 

Sting Alarm can install a keyless entry smart lock to replace your outdated door locks. These locks are opened with a 4-digit PIN code that only you and your family will know. You can change your code at any time; in fact, doing so at scheduled times throughout the year is a great way to reinforce your home security on a regular basis. The moment your code is entered, your alarm is disarmed so that you can enter without triggering it. 

Replacing Keys with Smart Home Locks

If you’re tired of having new keys made (or worse, having locks rekeyed) every time someone in the house loses their keys or believes they may be stolen, having your doors outfitted with smart locks is the most practical solution. If saying goodbye to house keys forever feels like too big of a leap, there’s good news: Smart home locks that feature key slots are also available.  

Another incredible benefit of these home security door locks is the ability to remotely lock and unlock your doors with your smartphone. That means unlocking them from the office if someone needs access or locking them from the road if you realize you forgot. In addition to on-demand, you’ll also have the ability to lock your doors on a schedule.  

Smart Lock PIN Code Security

With smart locks on your Las Vegas home, you can even assign different PIN codes to other users: house sitters, neighbors, dog walkers…anyone you need to give temporary access to. You choose the window of time they are given access. For example, a dog walker may need access on weekdays from noon to 2 PM, while a house sitter may be given access for the 48 hours they’re staying over. Outside of the times you’re allowing them in the home, they can be denied access. You’ll receive an alert on your smartphone every time these users enter or exit, and their codes can be deactivated anytime you like. 

Smart Security Garage Doors

Garage doors can be an overlooked entry point, which is why they often go unsecured. Unfortunately, one in three burglaries happens through an unsecured entrance like a garage door. By incorporating smart home technology, you can get a notification anytime you’ve forgotten to close the garage door — and then, tap on the alert to close it right away. You’ll get a similar notification if you forget to arm your alarm after leaving. All it takes is a single tap on your phone to secure your home from anywhere. It’s superior to any clicker garage door opener. 

With smart garage door technology and smart home locks, you can take control of the entry points to your Las Vegas home. For questions on these smart home security upgrades, call Sting Alarm today.  

Sting Alarm

Sting Alarm is your go-to home security expert in Las Vegas. Let us help you customize your home security system with the features and technology you need and protect the things (and people) that matter most. Call us at 702.737.8464 today.