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Outdoor Security Cameras

Protecting Your Amazon Deliveries with Outdoor Security Cameras this Holiday Season

There’s never been a better time to shop online for the holidays. After the pandemic, the popularity of ordering presents and seasonal needs online became even more popular. But the joys of the season can be diminished by the dreaded porch pirates ready to steal your packages from your porch.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to stay home through this season, a smart home security system with exterior cameras and a doorbell camera let you monitor the packages on your doorstep from the holiday party, the mall, the strip, or anywhere you happen to be.

One of the best places to put security cameras is on your front porch so you can watch for packages to arrive and keep them secure. Follow these steps to make sure your gifts go to the right people this year.

Sign Up for Notifications to Always Know Where Your Packages Are

One of the best things you can do to protect your gifts is to sign up for Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS alerts. That way, you know when to expect your packages so you can make arrangements. Whether that’s making sure someone is home or putting a smart lock on your door that you can unlock for the person who delivers.

Open the door no matter where you are when someone pushes the doorbell so they can set your boxes inside and then lock the door once they leave.

Hide Gifts Behind the Protection of Smart Security

We all know that hiding Christmas presents from kids can be difficult, but smart security makes it easier. Hide them out of sight in a closet and then add a contact sensor to the door. You’ll get alerts when the kids are getting too close to the location so you can stop them.

Make Your House Less Attractive to Burglars

Burglars don’t like security cameras, so keep them at bay by installing a security system with video cameras. A smart system allows you to control everything, even from a distance. Set up alerts to notify you of suspicious activity. Today’s outdoor security cameras can even tell the difference between animals, vehicles, and people.

These intelligent security systems aren’t your parent’s old equipment because you’re always in control. Customize alerts, so you only receive the ones you need and use home automation to lock up your house even if you’re already in bed.

Contact Sting Alarm for more information on how you can protect your home, family, and packages this holiday season with the latest in home security and automation.

Sting Alarm

Hiring a Las Vegas home security company can ensure your home stays safe and secure. Las Vegas home security companies offer the latest monitoring and security features to inform authorities via video clips or photos if a break-in or threat occurs. To learn more about the best Las Vegas home security companies, visit Sting Alarm.