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Smart Energy Management

More Smart Energy Management in Las Vegas

We’ve told you about the ways property owners can get better control over energy costs with services like water management. In addition, we can help provide energy management technology for Las Vegas businesses that want to save money on rising utility costs. Here’s what you may be interested in. 

Temperature Monitoring 

Depending on what type of business you have, there may be refrigerators or freezers that store temperature-sensitive materials. Whether you’re storing food for a dining establishment or medical supplies for a healthcare enterprise, temperature control is critical. With temperature monitoring as part of your smart energy management, you can know the moment temperatures in your refrigerated area drop below the threshold you have programmed. The mobile alert you’ll receive will prompt you to turn your attention to the problem immediately, which can potentially help you avoid a catastrophe. If you are required to show proof of proper temperature storage for compliance purposes, you’ll have the ability to retrieve historical reports that summarize your temperature conditions.

Power Outage Alerts  

Power outages can happen any time of year, but the environmental conditions of our desert communities can make widespread power outages highly likely during winter storms. For example, the storm that occurred over the New Year holiday caused the power to go out at 53,000 properties throughout northern Nevada. For a business where climate control is essential, a power outage can potentially be disastrous.

When you set up additional power outage alerts with your smart energy management, you can know the moment the power goes out and the moment it is restored. 

There is a critical need for smart energy management in Las Vegas, and Sting Alarm is here to provide it. Call us this winter to learn more; we look forward to assisting you.  

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