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Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

Join with Sting Alarm to Help Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

Las Vegas is widely known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” While the city certainly lives up to its name, it is also a city with one of the highest crime rates, particularly when it comes to property crime.  

As people who love our families and have made significant financial investments in our homes, it is important for us Las Vegas residents to ensure our properties remain safe with the help of top-of-the-line security systems and a bit of old-fashioned vigilance. 

Here are a few tips meant to help you accomplish just that. 


Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

1: Light Up Your Home 

If the outside of your home is dark, it can be a big invitation for criminals. That’s because intruders love a dark house or neighborhood where they can move around in low visibility, without anyone knowing. Keep your home, driveway, and yard illuminated and make it difficult for criminals to hide. 

Sting Alarm’s smart home lighting is a great way to do this. You can add a smart light to your porch, deck, and pool area. Our smart lights can be preset to turn on automatically at sunset and turn off in the daytime. They can also be connected with your smart home security systems and light up when someone approaches your home. 


Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

2: Keep your Doors and Windows Locked 

Doors and windows are the entryways intruders use most commonly to break into homes. Door and window sensors are a critical aspect of all security systems. If an intruder breaks in to your home through a door or window these sensors’ can trigger an alarm and send notifications directly to you alerting you of the danger. 

If you have a habit of forgetting to lock your doors, smart locks can help you keep them locked. If your doors and windows are unlocked, the system will send you a notification and allow you to remotely lock your doorways, no matter where you are and at the touch of a button. Another great advantage of using smart locks is that they can notify you every time a door is opened. 


Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

3: Be a Friendly Neighbor 

It is always a good idea to have an extra pair of eyes watching your home for anything suspicious. There is a good chance that your next-door neighbors are the ones who would spot a burglar sneaking their way into your home. 

As such, it is a good idea to make friends with your neighbors. Good neighbors will keep a watch out for your property when you are not at home. They are the ones that would recognize something out of the ordinary and could easily be the first to inform both you and the police. Let’s give a shout out to our neighbors! 


Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

4: Install Security Cameras 

It is a good idea to install both indoor and outdoor security cameras around your home. An indoor camera can help you identify what or who is making a racket in the dark inside your home. Outdoor cameras can prove to be a deterrent to people who are looking to burglarize your neighborhood. In addition, if an intruder does come onto your property, these cameras can start recording footage of the incident and alert the homeowner / security team so that they can begin verifying the threat and dispatch law enforcement immediately.  


Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

5: Get Rid of Hiding Places 

While trees, shrubs, and decorative landscaping will no doubt make your home all the more beautiful; it also provides cover for criminals looking to break into your property. Trim down the plants and trees that are close to your home and make sure your yard is illuminated at night so that intruders have nowhere to hide. 

Also consider removing any trees that are near windows since they can help criminals gain access to your home. If you have used any ladders and stools to maintain your home’s exterior, always be sure to store them away so that criminals are unable to use them. Also, try not to leave any expensive items out on your lawn, they tend to attract thieves. 


Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

6: Install Smart Home Automation 

Installing a powerful home automation system that can leverage access to all of your security systems equipment is a smart way to protect your entire home. A home automation system gives you an extra level of control over the security of your home and enhances your security systems overall performance.  Smart home automations when paired with security systems add value to your smart lights, smart locks, motion sensors, security cameras, thermostats, and home emergency systems. 

A home automation system can integrate with all of your security systems equipment so that even if a single device is triggered, the other security systems components will be activated in response to it. For example, if your motion sensor detects activity in your backyard, the home automation system can prompt the smart lights to illuminate and scare off a potential burglar. 

This technology enables security systems to respond to the security conditions surrounding your home automatically. 


Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

7: Don’t Discuss Your Holiday Plans 

If you are going on a business trip or a vacation and leaving your house unattended, it is important not to let too many people know. Only inform your trusted family and friends so that they can keep a closer watch over your home in your absence. Do not share information that suggests your home will be unattended on social media. There are criminals that actively target properties based on information made available to them through social media.  

The fact that our children could accidentally post sensitive information on social media is absolutely terrifying, but do not fear. With a bit of old-fashioned vigilance and a high-grade security system, your home can remain secure. 


Safeguard Las Vegas Neighborhoods

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