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Home Security Systems

Do You Need Home Security Systems in Las Vegas?

The overall crime rate in Las Vegas is 33 percent higher than the national average. That is why it is necessary that you invest in high-quality home security systems in Las Vegas. Read on.

Security Systems

When we think about security systems, CCTV and home monitoring systems immediately come to mind. However, these are just two types of systems in a vast sea of home security solutions in Las Vegas.

Every household’s security requirement is different and at times may require more than a traditional home alarm system. Fortunately, technology has progressed in ways that allow for the integration of wireless and automated systems, which enable more interaction and personalization. This is where Sting Alarm’s home security solutions come into play.

Sting Alarm’s home security solutions include systems that allow each and every household in Las Vegas to address their individual security concerns. Whether you live alone, have a large family, or are a senior concerned with mobility, Sting Alarm’s range of home security systems are designed to give you complete peace of mind knowing your house security is functional every day.

After all, with everything going on these days, certain daily tasks that ensure our safety, such as locking the window or arming the alarm system, can slip mind. Needless to say, this can leave you even more vulnerable to external dangers, like burglary.

Sting Alarm’s safety devices are well-suited for a variety of situations in your home, from 24/7 home monitoring security to video surveillance monitoring to smart access control.

Take a look at how the following security solutions can make your life better:

Home Automation

How many times have you forgotten to set the alarm system or lock the windows to your home on your way to work? How about before falling asleep after arriving home from an exhausting day? Home automation systems allow you to easily and conveniently take control of your home security.

Sting’s home automation system does not just enable you to closely monitor your property for any suspicious activities or intruders, but it also has a remote control function that you can operate, right from your mobile phone. This can help you arm or disarm your security system, no matter where you are, and turn off any unnecessary lights in your home. This offers you superior convenience and peace of mind anytime you are away.

All of Sting Alarm’s home automation devices are controlled by a single app, which allows you to customize individual device settings over a single platform.

Lifestyle Cameras

If you have kids or pets, you would want to install lifestyle cameras in your home. These 24-hour continuous recording cameras are easy to install and easily expanded upon as your household grows. These cameras are installed not solely to catch intruders; they also give parents the benefit of checking in on their home and family via smartphone or computer.

This means you can easily check to make sure your kids made it home safely from school. You can also make sure your pet hasn’t started chewing up the furniture while your away from home during the day.

These cameras are equipped to capture motion-triggered or event-triggered video clips, so you can easily find a particular clip later on in case an incident occurs. For real time awareness you can configure video recordings to be sent to you through push notifications, for example, when your entrance gate or garage gate opens or when motion is detected inside your home.

In addition, with the evolution of technology, lifestyle camera models also come equipped with infrared night vision, higher definition images and videos, sensitivity adjustments, and a wider dynamic range. Sting Alarms cameras offer all of these features and more.

Our cameras consist of a sleek and compact design so they do not mar the look of your home. They also have flexible mounts and come with secure cloud recording features. Depending on your needs, we can extend the range of your Wi-Fi for our cameras, so that you have more flexibility for positioning the cameras around your home.

Our cameras work great for both indoor and outdoor use, feature great low-light performance, night vision range up to 12 meters, and UV-protected weatherproof casings.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless technology is one of the best advancements in home security. Most traditional home security systems are connected to wiring, which in turn connects to the homes power supply. Wireless security systems, however, allow sensors to communicate with your homes main alarm panel without requiring nearly as much hardware or wiring.

One of the greatest advantages of a wireless alarm system is that they are less destructive on the home to install. With a traditional security system, wiring makes the installation process much more complicated. It can also be more expensive. Wireless technology, however, does away with all this and makes owning an alarm system more attainable.

Sting Alarm provides wireless security systems that are made of the highest quality and are incredibly reliable. They offer amazing versatility, flexibility, and are easily accessible from your smartphone or computer via mobile app. When you buy a wireless security system offered by Sting Alarm in Las Vegas, rest assured you can immediately access all of your security systems devices from your phone wherever you are so long as you have signal.

Do Home Security Systems in Las Vegas Help Keep You Safe From Burglars?

The main reason why most people install home security systems in Las Vegas is so that they can prevent burglars or intruders from breaking in and entering their home.

According to AreaVibes’ most current data, there were 10,646 burglaries, 28,240 thefts, 7,311 vehicle thefts, and 46,197 property crimes in Las Vegas in 2019. In fact, burglaries and vehicle theft in Las Vegas are almost double that of the national average.

As you can see, these statistics are very alarming and the average citizen’s home is vulnerable to these crimes. However, according to Nevada Home Security and Crime Prevention Center, you can make your home less appealing to nefarious characters by ensuring due diligence and installing good –quality security systems in your home. When a burglar sees your home equipped with security systems, they will be less likely to trouble you. And when a large number of homes in the same neighborhood have prominent security features installed, that entire area becomes safer.

If you don’t want to risk falling victim to burglary, you need to install Sting home security systems in your Las Vegas home today.

Are Home Security Systems in Las Vegas Effective?

Before spending your hard-earned money on a home security system in Las Vegas, you need concrete proof that it will get the job done and keep you and your family protected from criminals. However, you also need to understand that the effectiveness of a security system depends upon the type of system you choose to install in your home.

A very simple security system may sound an alarm and send a push notification and alert police if burglars try to break into your home. However, more advanced and automated security systems can do a lot more than that. You can have a system that sends you a live video with 2-way audio if someone tries to get into your home, it also allows you to detect smoke inside your home, or lets you switch your lights on and off remotely.

If you go by statistics, having a security system in Las Vegas can turn the tide in your favor. Las Vegas witnessed a reduction of 4% of crimes from 2018 to 2019, which may be due to the increasing adoption of advanced security systems.

Despite the high number of burglaries and home crimes, stats show that only about 17% of American households use home security systems. According to research, a large majority of burglars enter homes by using brute force to go through windows or doors. About 34 percent of burglars use the front door, 22 percent enter through the backdoor and 23 percent use the first floor windows. The most astonishing part is that most of the time, these doors and windows are not even locked.

In fact, even items left out in your yard can fall prey to burglars and criminals. But, a burglar will themselves hesitate to enter your property if they see a sensor or camera installed in your home and may change their mind about attacking your property.

Get In Touch With Sting Alarm

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