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Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems in Las Vegas: Preventing Porch Theft

Home Security Systems are a necessity in Las Vegas. However, the market is filled with low-quality devices and overpriced security contracts that can make a homeowner hesitant. When it comes to the safety of your family, home security should be your number one priority.

At Sting Alarm, we offer you cutting-edge home security systems that have improved features, simple controls and ensure the utmost safety of your home 24/7.

With Sting Alarm, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can keep an eye on your home anytime from anywhere. Not only does Sting Alarm’s home security system help to prevent break-ins and burglaries, it can also keep your loved ones safe from external threats while keeping your porch safe from package thieves.

How Home Security Systems Prevent Porch Theft

Here are some ways to prevent package theft with the help of your home security system:

Install a Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell comes with multiple features including a security camera and two-way communication. For instance, if UPS rings your doorbell when you are away at work, the smart doorbell will send you a notification that someone is at your door. It also enables you to talk to the UPS courier through the video doorbell’s speakers.

You can then ask them to place the package on your doorstep, tuck it away from a straight line of sight, or to return some other time when you are more available.


Home Security Systems

Focus a Security Camera on Your Porch

Your outdoor security camera should face the place where your packages are being delivered. Most often this would be the porch of your house. It is also wise to ensure that a camera is located where people who come on to your property can easily see it.

By placing your outdoor security camera in plain view, you can deter thieves from stealing your packages. Most porch thieves think as long as they can see no one, no one will be able to see them. A security camera lets them know otherwise.

Home Security Systems

Place a Security Decal Outside

Another important way to discourage someone who does not have permission to enter your property from breaking in, is to place a security decal in your front yard. You can either place one security decal in a prominent place of your yard or place multiple security decals around the parameters of your home or property.

This can tell people that your house is under the surveillance of a home security system. If there is a package thief nearby your house, security decals will deter them from robbing you. Thieves would rather spend their efforts stealing stuff from properties that do not have a security system.


Check Your Video Surveillance

If you are expecting a delivery to your home while you are away, you can check with your live security surveillance or security camera video recordings to see if it arrived. If you see that the package has arrived, you can ask a trusted neighbor or friend to keep it safe or hide it somewhere along your property.


Use Your Smart Home Automation

If you prefer that your neighbor place the package inside your home, simply use your home automation system to disarm your door alarm and open your door. This way, your neighbor can go into your home and place the package inside. Once they leave, you can lock the door and arm the security system once again.


Home Security Systems


Motion Sensor Activated Lights

If you are expecting a package or a delivery when it is dark and no one is home, you can place motion sensor activated lights around your property. You can also adjust their settings to make them brighter around areas where your packages are being dropped.

If someone approaches your front door to steal a package, your lights will automatically turn on once motion is detected, often disorienting the intruder and potentially frightening them away.

Simultaneously, the motion sensors will also send you an alert to inform you about the presence of an intruder on your property.

Home Security Systems


 Home Security Systems in Las Vegas

With Sting Alarm, protecting your home is now easier than ever. Not every home will require all the security features that we mentioned above. We understand that every home’s safety needs are different. That is why, when you approach us to install a home security system in Las Vegas, we start by offering features that ensure the safety of your home.

Interested in learning more about what a home security system can do for your property? Click on the “Free Quote” button, fill out the form, & one of our Sting Alarm Las Vegas Security Professionals will reach out to advise you! Or just give us a call at 702-737-8464 for a free consult!