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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring: Home Security that Goes Beyond the Bad Guys

A happy home is a secure home, but home security is about more than keeping everyone safe from intruders. In addition to keeping the bad guys out, it’s important for homeowners to protect their homes from emergencies that threaten the integrity and structure of the house and the property inside it.  Here are some of those emergencies, and how adding environmental monitoring to your smart home security can help you manage them more safely. 

Smoke and House Fires 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports there are 346,800 house fires per year in the United States. In Nevada, 66% of fire deaths are in residential fires (source: Nevada Fire Loss and Fire Department Profile). Fire is a real risk to every home, and remember: They can break out at any time, including when you aren’t home. 

Traditional smoke detectors are great if you’re home — but if you aren’t, then you won’t be aware they are sounding. The answer is to add smart smoke detection to your home security system. Our monitored residential fire alarm equipment can alert the central station when smoke is detected in your Las Vegas home, and we’ll dispatch the fire department right away.

We’ll also notify you and your family, so you can be aware of the situation immediately. 

Freezing and Water Leaks 

Believe it or not, insurance data shows that claims for damage from freezing and water leaks exceed claims for damage from burglary and fire. In high elevation areas surrounding Las Vegas (the northwest valley, for example), temperatures can drop below freezing at night in the fall and winter. This can cause outdoor pipes to freeze, leading to cracks that can cause the pipe to burst when it begins to thaw. Because a burst pipe can cause untold damage to your home, your smart home security system can include freeze detection. Freeze detection helps you avoid damage by sending you an alert when the pipes begin to freeze. You can turn off your water at the source, and then contact a plumber to learn what your next steps should be. 

Your smart home security system can also include water sensors, which detect rising water on your floor (an indication of a faucet or appliance leak). With vacation season approaching, this is a service that can be invaluable by alerting you to the risk of flooding in the home while you’re gone. No one wants to be “that family” who returns from vacation to a flooded home. At Sting Alarm, we can help make sure you won’t be. 

Contact Sting Alarm for Environmental Monitoring 

Your smart home security system can include other technologies to alert you of temperature extremes and power failures that affect the safety of your home. Learn more about them by calling Sting Alarm today. We look forward to providing you Las Vegas home security that addresses environmental emergencies. 

Sting Alarm

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