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Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas

Get The Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas reported 46,673 property crimes in 2018, out of which 11,968 were burglaries.


When it comes to our loved ones, keeping them safe is our highest priority. So if you reside in a city as populated as Vegas, it is important that you install a good security system to protect your home and business. If you are thinking of investing in alarm systems in Las Vegas, choosing from only the best can help you get the job done right.

Let us take a look at what the best security systems in Las Vegas consist of and what the best alarm company can offer you.

There are two major types of alarm systems in Las Vegas: monitored and unmonitored.



Monitored alarm systems are monitored by professional security companies like Sting Alarm in Las Vegas. When the alarm system is triggered, a security company will be notified and they will attempt to contact the owner to verify the alarm. If the owner does not answer the call but they have security cameras within their security system, the alarm monitoring station will attempt to verify the alarm using “video verification.” In any case, alarm verification is required by Las Vegas Police Departments before they are willing to respond to triggered alarms anywhere within Clark County.



An unmonitored or self-monitored alarm system will trip when it detects a threat; however, no alarm company will be notified. Therefore, it will be up to the owner to determine if the alarm is triggered by a legitimate threat before contacting authorities.


Unmonitored alarm systems have a few disadvantages:

· Typically the response times of unmonitored alarm systems are much longer than that of professionally monitored alarm systems. Because of this in many instances, the authorities may not arrive in time to prevent theft and/or damages to your property.

· Often times those who prefer a self monitoring security system miss their own alarm notifications as their attention is elsewhere. Just ask yourself, if you are in a meeting at work and your phone is on silent when it notifies you of a potential break in, how actionable is that?

· It’s also common for owners to overlook potential threats that security experts at professional alarm monitoring companies have the experience and training to better identify.


Components of the Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas

The best security systems in Las Vegas are equipped with a comprehensive range of features that can provide greater peace of mind than other security systems. Sting Alarm’s security systems include the following features:


Motion Sensors

The motion sensor captures unusual or suspicious activity inside and outside of your home. Some motion sensors are also designed to be pet-friendly and won’t trigger an alarm if the motion detected is caused by something under 40 Lbs.


Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas

Glass Break Detectors

About 23% of burglars break the glass of first-floor windows to enter homes. A glass break detector installed near windows will immediately trigger your alarm if a window is broken.

Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas

Door and Window Sensors

About 34% of burglars enter a home through the front door and 22% come through the back door simply by twisting the knob. A door and window sensor will sound an alarm if you forgot to lock your doors at night and a burglar simply opens a door or window.


Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas

Smart Locks

Smart locks are essential if you want your doors to lock by themselves automatically. These locks are also keyless, which means there is no danger of losing your keys. Instead, you can lock and unlock your door with an app. Smart locks may also provide a keycode feature that allows you to provide family members and others with unique passcodes to gain entry to your home.


Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas


Encrypted Sensors

The best home security features in Las Vegas come with encrypted security sensors that cannot be tampered with or disabled by hackers who want to gain access to your home.

Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas


Smart Security Alarm Panel

A smart security alarm panel is equipped with touchscreen and WiFi/Bluetooth technology and syncs with all security sensors, cameras, and automated devices. With this alarm panel, you can view camera footage, arm your alarm systems, and control all the security measures in your home from one place.

Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas

Emergency Detection Sensors

You need to protect your home from more than the bad guys. Emergency detection sensors can help protect your home from emergencies like water leaks, gas leaks, and fires, as well as mitigate the effects of natural calamities, including lightning strikes, floods, and thunderstorms. We provide panic buttons to signal for help during medical emergencies as well. These sensors can be automated so that the authorities are notified immediately and come to support you even if you are unable to reach your phone.

Best Alarm Systems in Las Vegas


24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Sting Alarm can provide 24/7 alarm monitoring for your home or business and is prepared to respond to emergencies around the clock. So whether your alarm is tripped in broad daylight or the dead of the night, we will contact you immediately and quickly dispatch the appropriate authorities.


Why Sting Alarm Is the Best Alarm Systems Company in Las Vegas

Sting Alarm is a leading security systems company in Las Vegas. With our alarm systems, you will find peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure!

In Las Vegas, Sting Alarm -a longstanding locally owned and operated alarm company, has hundreds of fans that vouch for our security systems:


“I have been a customer of Sting since 2008, both for my residence and office. Very professional installers and salespeople. Dennis, who installed our system today is above what you would expect! Very knowledgeable, perfectionist type of person! Explained every detail!

I have lived in Las Vegas for more than 15 years, I know there are other alarm companies out there, but I would highly recommend Sting, they have the latest equipment and great customer service.

Thank you, Sting!”

— Fiana V of Las Vegas



At Sting Alarm, we understand that home security and alarm systems in Las Vegas do not come as a one size fits all solution. If you want to protect your home effectively, you will require a custom designed security system that can take care of all your home’s unique safety concerns.


Whether you are at home, working, or on vacation, our company will ensure that if there is an emergency at your home, it will be responded to and enhance your family’s safety. Visit us at or call us at 702-737-8464 for a free security system consultation.