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Upgrade Your Commercial Security System

7 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Commercial Security System in Las Vegas

As a business owner, you need to be on your toes regarding the security and safety of your employees, customers, and commercial property. It is crucial to install and upgrade your commercial security systems in Las Vegas. These systems allow business owners to track who can access their building, monitor criminal activity, and protect their assets.

Benefits of Having an Upgraded Commercial Security System in Las Vegas

Having an up-to-date security system installed at your business gives you the ability to log in and review events. The core benefits of a commercial security system include:

  • Acting as a crime deterrent

  • Providing or revoking access to the building

  • Monitoring your building, employees, and visitors

  • Recording evidence for police in case of a break-in or other safety threats

Having a security system installed inside and outside your business will make it difficult for criminals to carry out their misdeeds and force them to move to other, less-protected targets. A security system will help protect your investments and provide you with peace of mind, even away from the office.

Why You Should Keep Your Commercial Security System Upgraded

You may have an existing security system in place. If that is the case, ask yourself, is it about a decade or more old? If so, chances are it does not have enough features to provide you the right amount of protection. When you upgrade your security systems, you get the benefits of the latest technology, which gives you a greater level of security on multiple levels. Below are some reasons why you need to upgrade your security system:

Equipped with High-Quality Video Capture and Storage

 A modern video surveillance system will come equipped with a host of technology like infrared, motion sensors, facial recognition technology, and the ability to store a vast amount of data in the cloud. If you own an older commercial security system, you cannot take advantage of these features.

Equipped with the Best Surveillance Tools

Security cameras are the most important surveillance tools for monitoring employee activities. Why? The security camera informs you about any misconduct on the floor and encourages safety practices among employees. By upgrading your internal surveillance system, you will have access to a database of incidents, enabling you to keep a record of how, when, and why they occurred.

Ensures Video Verification and Monitoring

If your commercial security system is old, it may not blend with automated video verification. In case of a threat, an automated monitoring system sends the footage of an emergency event to the security company. The security company can then determine whether this threat is real. First responders or law enforcement authorities will be notified of the threat without going through the extra step of verifying with the business owner. This would mean a quicker response to emergencies even if the business owner was not aware of the threat.

Offers Better Access Control

At Sting Alarm, we suggest that not all visitors and employees be allowed to enter and wander through every area of your building. Modern commercial security systems offer keyless access control, making it easy to track entry into your building and restricted areas. With access control, you can easily add or revoke permission to access a site. That means that new hires can enter your building easily and employees leaving the company will have their permissions canceled immediately. In addition, it will provide restricted rights to employees based on their designation. Business owners do not have to keep track of keys and an extra level of protection to the security of your establishment is added.

Compliant With Modern Security Infrastructure and Building Codes

Businesses, particularly those that work with healthcare organizations or federal agencies, are contractually bound to keep their security infrastructure upgraded and maintained. A modern and upgraded commercial security system will comply with building and fire codes. This also encourages business owners to test, inspect, and carry their security systems routinely.

Upgrade Your Commercial Security System
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To ensure your business is sufficiently protected, you need to get your commercial security system evaluated, see what gaps it has, and find the commercial security system that best fits your needs. At Sting Alarm, we can help you boost your existing security system. Visit us at Sting Alarm and schedule an appointment today.