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Home Security Systems

Your Quick Guide to Home Security Systems in Las Vegas

From multi-screen monitoring to DIY systems to smart devices, there are several types of home security systems in Las Vegas to choose from to keep your home safe. The best security system will make your life easier, more comfortable, and help protect your loved ones in the moments that matter most. Contrary to popular belief, having the best home security system for your property does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. 

Keeping that in mind, below we have provided for you, a Las Vegas home security systems guide.  

Home Security Systems

Home Security Features 

Nowadays, home security systems do more than keep out intruders. When away from home, security systems can communicate with you, your kids, and let you know when your Amazon package arrives. When choosing a home security system, the right combination of features can make your daily living less stressful especially when away from home. Let’s discuss some of the most beneficial home security system features currently available.  

While traditional home security systems include burglar alarms, outdoor cameras, and glass break detectors, some of the latest systems offer more advanced features like home automation, turning your lights off when no one is home or adjusting your smart thermostat to match your daily schedule. Additional smart home automations can be applied to smoke alarms, leak detectors, and pipe freeze sensors. Whether a homeowner is at home or not, these home automations provide a much greater level of protection for your property and your peace of mind. 


Home Security Systems


Common Features in Home Security Systems in Las Vegas 

As mentioned above, picking the right home security system can offer homeowners the protection and comfort they need, but that’s if you choose the features best for your lifestyle. Let’s consider some of the standard features found in Las Vegas home security systems to better discern whether or not they are right for your needs. 


Home Security Systems

Home Security Cameras

One of the most valued components of any home security system are home security cameras. Sting Alarm provides customers with some of the most advanced home security cameras on the market. Sting Alarm home security cameras, when paired with video analytics, can be empowered with Artificial Intelligence. This bold new take on home security helps property owners delineate the “noise” from meaningful occurrences around their property. 


Home Security Systems

Video Doorbell 

Did you know a video doorbell is becoming one of the must-haves when it comes to a home security system? Video doorbells allow you to see who’s at the front door and communicate with the person via the video doorbell’s speaker. Depending on the video doorbell you choose, users can get a video doorbell that allows one-way or two-way communication. Sting Alarm offers the latest in video doorbell technology – the Touchless Video Doorbell. This new touchless video doorbell enables customers to receive only the most actionable notifications. Empowered by A.I. & video analytics, the Touchless video doorbell dramatically reduces “false alerts” and requires no direct contact adding a comfortable level of hygiene to your front door. 

You may be asking “what’s the best part about using a video doorbell?” One of the main benefits of the video doorbell is that it comes with a smartphone application. The mobile app allows you to know who is at your door and talk to them regardless of your physical location. When paired with the smart door lock of your Las Vegas home security system, it can also allow you to provide entry or deny entry to your home remotely. 


Home Security Systems

Motion Sensors 

In Las Vegas, most home security systems feature motion sensors. These sensors are installed almost everywhere and offer a higher level of protection. Some of the most common motion sensors provided by home security systems include glass break sensors, door and window sensors, and motion sensors strategically installed throughout your home to provide complete protection.  

Home Security Systems

Smart Home Integration 

Smart home integration allows for your home security system to sync with various smart home devices. If you look around your kitchen, bathroom, or living room these days there is hardly a device that cannot sync via a Wi-Fi connection. Smart home integration offers an even more convenient option when looking for home security. Why? It adds voice control to the mix, allowing users to create a customized and automated routine that improves their daily living and adds to their overall peace of mind.  


Home Security Systems

The Sting Alarm Advantage

Are you looking for the best smart home security systems in Las Vegas at the best prices? Sting Alarm provides the most customizable and advanced security systems available. Sting Alarm has been providing home security systems Las Vegas can trust since 2003! We are locally owned and operated and know our communities better than any of the national alarm companies do. Get in touch with our friendly staff by giving us a call at 702-737-8464 or click on “Free Quote” to have one of our home security system experts reach out to you!