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Local Alarm Companies

Why You Should Only Consider Local Alarm Companies in Las Vegas

According to an analysis by 24/7 Wall Street, the city of Las Vegas witnesses the highest number of property crimes (2838.3 per 100,000) among cities with populations of over 20,000 in the state of Nevada. Based on Area vibes, the city has a crime rate 31% higher than that of the national average.

Sting Alarm is one of the best locally owned and operated alarm companies in Las Vegas and provides only the most modern and advanced security solutions for customers to properly ensure their homes security.

Sting Alarm has been in the business of installing and monitoring home security systems since 2003. We set up customized security systems in a better way than many national home security brands in the industry.

That being said, let’s explore some of the reasons why hiring local alarm companies in Las Vegas provides everyone with greater benefits.

Alarm Companies in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that has many challenges, not least because of its desert location. It can become sweltering hot in Las Vegas and freezing cold at different times of the year. Sting Alarm understands that weather and climate play a big role in the efficiency of any security system. We have aligned our security systems to outperform most other alarm companies in Las Vegas subject to our local climate, construction, maintenance and installation standards. It comes down to how we manage our inventory, we do not have to sell off outdated cookie cutter, one size fit’s all, home security systems the way that nationally franchised alarm companies in Las Vegas do. At Sting Alarm, we keep a fresh and limited inventory of only the latest, most reliable, and advanced security system technology and devices available.

Our staff consists of local, long standing Las Vegas home security experts. If your alarm system or security camera system gets triggered for any reason, not only do we offer 24/7 best-in-class alarm monitoring – we know exactly who to call depending on where you live within the Las Vegas Valley.

Local Alarm Companies

Our Las Vegas Alarm Company is Part of the Community

We understand the needs of our community and how important the protection of property is whether residential or commercial. As a local Las Vegas alarm company, we have all kinds of solutions and packages based upon local security trends and needs. Sting Alarm prides itself in its contribution to the safety and wellbeing of our local Las Vegas community. We’re rated the best of all alarm companies in Las Vegas based upon Google Reviews! That’s all because we live here, share skin in the game, and are focused on propagating a positive impact throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Local Alarm Companies

One of the biggest benefits of an alarm company based in Las Vegas is that you can visit their office at a moment’s notice, instead of calling or emailing them and then waiting for the alarm companies’ response. The ability to go into an office and speak to a knowledgeable person face to face will give you a chance to see how their business operates and what their values are.

At Sting Alarm, you can sit down with a local security expert and let them know about the kind of protection your home or commercial property needs. Our team of certified security experts will simplify your search by providing you with quality options that suit and deliver on every one of your security needs.

Local Alarm Companies

We Offer a Personal Touch

Sting Alarm goes the extra mile to deliver the best possible customer service to all customers. Take a look at our Google Reviews to see how customers are consistently being treated with the upmost respect and appreciation by our professionally trained staff.

We Try Harder

Big name national companies already have it made, which is why you probably won’t get the timeliest response or best customer service. Because we are a locally owned & operated business, we try harder to please our clients. We have more skin in the game, it’s that simple.

We offer only the most modern, high-quality security equipment and devices. Have a look at our security cameras and assorted smart home security and automation products. Keep in mind, we also provide the latest and greatest Qolsys alarm panels.

Our packages are flexible and fully customizable and are designed from the ground up to provide absolute peace of mind while helping to ensure that your home and family stay safe.

Local Alarm Companies

We Contribute to the Community

Hiring a local alarm company in Las Vegas means you keep your investment in the local community. This can help create and support more jobs and increase the local economy. At Sting Alarm, we take great pride in protecting and growing our community’s overall safety. We love our neighbors and understand what keeps them and their families safe.

There are several benefits of hiring local alarm companies in Las Vegas. Sting Alarm is a locally owned & operated business that has been catering to the security needs of Las Vegas home and business owners since 2003! Visit us at to schedule a consultation. If you’re in a hurry give us a call at 702-737-8464 and get your questions answered right away!