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Business Security Systems

Summer Tips & News: Enhancing Business Security Systems

Is Your App Up to Date?

Ensure you’re getting the most out of your business security system by downloading the latest version of the mobile app. This update is crucial for maintaining the highest level of security.

Business Security Systems

Cell Connector for Access Control

Running access control wiring and managing network connectivity can be time-consuming and costly. The Cell Connector bypasses the local network, providing a direct, secure, and reliable 4G LTE connection between any Sting Alarm access control system and the cloud. This is an ideal solution for businesses in need of robust security solutions.

Email us or call us at (702) 737-8464.

Get More Out of Your Business Security Systems with the Discover Tab

Discover the full potential of your business security system! Explore the latest features, get helpful tips, and take advantage of new offerings—all at your fingertips. Access the Discover tab through the Sting Alarm website or app.

Business Security Systems

Manage Enterprise Groups on the Go

Elevated Enterprise Groups are now available on the Sting Alarm app, allowing you to seamlessly self-manage your unified security platform from anywhere. View organizational hierarchy, manage users, and have a unified platform for your multi-location business. To get started, go to: Mobile App > click “Locations” on Bottom Navigation > Manage Groups

Business Security Systems

24/7 Remote Video Monitoring

Ensure your business is protected around the clock with our Remote Video Monitoring console. We provide 24/7 monitoring and proactive deterrence using your existing video and security devices. When a person or vehicle is detected, our monitoring station operators are alerted to assess the situation, engage potential intruders, and dispatch help if necessary. This feature is a testament to why Sting Alarm is among the top security monitoring companies for business.

Email us or call us at (702) 737-8464.

Get the Full Picture with Alarm Mode

Respond with greater confidence when an alarm occurs at your business. Alarm Mode provides insights to swiftly assess the situation, verify if it’s an emergency, and take action. View video thumbnails, access live camera feeds, and review recent system activity all in one place.

Business Security Systems

Try Dark Mode on the Web

Do you love Dark Mode? Try it on the website! Dark Mode is great for those who prefer a darker aesthetic and offers a better experience for those who find it hard to see in dim light, especially during nighttime or early morning hours.

Turn on Dark Mode by going to: Sting Alarm > Settings > Login Information > Site Appearance.

Travel Safety Tips to Implement in Your Business’s Security Systems

Planning summer vacations and conferences? Keep a watchful eye on your business activities and ensure smooth operations with these tips:

  • Customize alerts to know when your locations open and close on time or later than usual.
  • Protect your premises by setting arming and lighting schedules to keep businesses safe and well-lit.
  • Manage employee access and remove user codes for terminated employees on the go using the app.

For businesses in Las Vegas and beyond, these tips can help maintain security during travel. Email us or call us at (702) 737-8464 to explore further insights on safeguarding your business during summer travel.

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