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Smart Water Management Services

Smart Water Management Services for Las Vegas Property Owners

Winter weather calls for as much energy management support as possible, especially water management. As the leading provider of smart home security in Las Vegas, Sting Alarm has that support. Here’s what we offer to help you protect your home from water damage while managing water use this winter. 

Water Leak Detection

A leaky faucet is no minor problem; in fact, it’s a major event that can devastate your home in 24 hours or less. Water damage can occur on your floors and walls; it can even seep into your home’s structure. There’s also the possibility of damage to your furniture and electronics, which may not be covered by insurance. All of this can happen from a single water leak — and if you aren’t home when it occurs, you may not know it’s happening until it’s too late. With whole-home water leak detection from Sting Alarm, you’ll have water sensors that detect leaking before it becomes flooding. The sensors will communicate leaks to your smart home system, and your system will send you a smartphone alert so you can intervene. To give Las Vegas residents easy access to this water leak detection, all smart home systems support the ability to detect leaks as soon as they happen! 

Smart Water Valve+Meter

An optional add-on to our water management services is the Smart Water Valve+Meter. This Z-Wave technology device can automatically shut off your main water supply when a leak is detected. Additionally, if a plumbing concern calls for you to shut off the main water valve yourself, you can do it remotely with your smartphone from anywhere.

With an intelligent Smart Water Valve+Meter, you can avert a plumbing disaster when you’re at work, on vacation, or anywhere else away from home. 

Pipe Freeze Sensors 

Frozen plumbing pipes are a major hazard. When ice inside a pipe expands, it pushes the unfrozen water toward the closed faucet and creates an ice blockage. In between this ice blockage and the faucet, water pressure is building up. Unless the pipe is thawed out right away, the pressure will eventually cause it to burst. The water damage that ensues can be just as devastating as the leak damage described above. In many parts of Nevada, pipes are at risk of freezing in the winter. With pipe freeze sensors from Sting Alarm, you can receive an alert as soon as your pipes become frozen. Then, you can take steps to thaw out freezing pipes before they become an emergency. 

Water Usage Management 

Water usage is a major concern throughout our desert community. To keep you informed about your usage and help you take action to lower it, Sting Alarm offers water consumption monitoring, which can be installed by a local plumber. This water management service will send your water usage data to your smart home security mobile app. From there, you can make more informed decisions about your water use to save money and conserve resources. It’s ideal for both homes and businesses. 

Leaks, freezing and excessive water usage are serious concerns that call for serious solutions. To learn more about any of the water management solutions here, Las Vegas property owners can call Sting Alarm this winter. We look forward to helping you. 

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