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Home security holiday season

Smart Home Systems for Las Vegas Homeowners this Holiday Season

There’s nothing more exciting than opening a gift on Christmas morning, but some of the best gifts aren’t the ones under the tree. Rather than another kitchen appliance or power tool, consider gifting your household a smart home system — a system in which integrated smart home devices work together, and you stay in control of all of them using our smart home app. A smart home system can give your household these time-saving, economically sound advantages.

Smarter Energy Management

Saving energy means saving money. Your smart home system delivers that using a smart thermostat, which is an energy saving device unlike any other. With a smart thermostat, your entire home can have custom climate control that you can easily manage. Unlike a traditional thermostat, which only reads the temperature in the room or hallway where it’s installed, a smart thermostat has an internal thermometer you can set at a selected target temperature; then, it communicates with temperature sensors you have placed in rooms throughout your home to set each room to the temperature you want.

Smarter Heating & Cooling

With all these devices working together, your smart thermostat regulates your HVAC system more efficiently. If you’re going away for the holidays, your smart thermostat can be the key to making sure your HVAC stays off until right before you come home. That way, there’s no unnecessary heating or cooling coming on in your absence — and yet, your home will be at the perfect temperature upon your arrival. If you’ve been looking for a way to save money on your energy bills in 2023, a smart home system can be the first part of the answer.

Smarter Home Lighting

The second part of the answer is smart lighting. The smart lighting part of your smart home system is powered by Z-wave+ technology. The system can integrate with these Z-wave enabled lighting mechanisms:

  • Z-wave plug-in light and appliance modules
  • Z-wave in-wall switches and dimmers
  • Z-Wave outlets
  • Z-Wave light bulbs

Once these are integrated, you’ll be able to create automated light schedules that work with your daily routine and help you save money. For example, you can have specific lights turn on and off at specific times of day — or if you prefer, they may turn on or off at sunrise or sunset. This is a great way to make sure any lights left on overnight are turned off when the sun comes up. It can also ensure you never come home from work to a dangerously dark house. You can even create a light automation schedule that has event-triggered light rules based on your system activity, like when you arm or disarm the system.

If you’re leaving home for a holiday vacation, smart lighting can be a key to keeping the home secure; criminals in search of a home to target can see indoor lights on at night and be deterred from acting. As the homeowner, you won’t need to leave the lights on 24/7 because they can be programmed to turn off when the sun comes up.

Call Sting Alarm to Learn More

Together, smart lighting and smart thermostat can help you reduce waste and save money on your energy bills all year long. This is why an ideal holiday gift this year is a smart home system. If you’re a Las Vegas homeowner looking to take advantage of smart home technology before leaving for a holiday vacation, call Sting Alarm to learn more. We look forward to showing you what’s possible.

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