Christmas decorations are a hot commodity for thieves this season

Christmas thieves have struck again! More Christmas decorations have been stolen and the thieves were caught in the act by home security cameras.  The incident occurred in the Silverado Ranch area and based on home video surveillance, the burglars appear to have been two women.  The Christmas crooks stole about $600 worth of decorations, including… Read more »

‘Tis the season…to steal Christmas lights?

Thanks to surveillance footage, thieves were recently caught stealing Christmas laser lights from a home in Southern Highlands.  The Christmas laser lights have been extremely popular this season and even sold out in stores nationwide. The homeowner stated that 2 thieves were caught on surveillance including a female who took the lights. Source  

Thieves break into as many as 7 Las Vegas restaurants

No arrests have yet been made in regards to 7 restaurant burglaries that took place early Monday morning.  As many as 7 restaurants were broken into and 2 suspects seem to have been involved.  Food and drinks were stolen from the restaurants, although no cash was taken. Officers say burglaries were reported between 1 and 5… Read more »

Clark County prosecutors are taking door-kick burglaries very seriously

Clark County prosecutors called door-kick break-ins one of the most serious crimes in the valley and are pushing for harsh penalties for burglars. Chief Deputy District Attorney James Sweetin stated that “A residential burglary is always significant to our office because of the risks that are out there.”  An example of such is a recent home… Read more »

Halloween Safety Special – Part 2

Halloween is now just a few days away! With so much excitement in the air, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, the costumes, and the candy…all while forgetting to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your home. Last week, we offered our readers tips for… Read more »

Halloween Safety Special – Part 1

Halloween is right around the corner! From dressing up to trick-or-treating, it’s one of the most fun and exciting holidays of the year for adults and children alike. Still, it’s also a holiday that can involve certain risks that parents and children must be aware of. It’s always a good idea to educate communities on… Read more »

Tips for Staying Safe at Work

Unless you work from home, you most likely spend a very significant number of hours and days at your workplace. Although safety at the workplace might not be something that you give much thought to, it’s always a good idea to keep the following simple tips in mind: Keep your purse, briefcase, keys, and other… Read more »

Home Security Tips for Frequent Travelers

Even though the excitement or endless list of tasks to accomplish prior to traveling can take over our minds, it’s extremely important to always protect one of our biggest assets – our homes. With over two million houses burglarized in the United States each year, take note of the following security tips so that you… Read more »

Is There an Ideal Time to Purchase A Security System

Securing your home is always a good idea. Still, there are certain times of the year when break-ins are more prevalent, such as the beginning of the school year and holidays/long weekends including Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Many break-ins happen during the holiday season thanks to traveling and gift giving that attract potential intruders. Security… Read more »