Google Home Amazon Echo

Amazon Alexa and Google Home Virtual Assistant Integration

It’s great being able to control your Sting Alarm Las Vegas Smart Home Alarm System from your Smart Phone when you’re away from your home. Back at home, virtual assistants such as Google Home and Amazon’s Echo are a popular option that smart homeowners love. Now, you can keep your home more secure and comfortable… Read more »

Medicine Cabinet Safety

Medicine Cabinet Safety

Over-the-counter and prescription medicines can assist with everyday sicknesses such as a headache, the common cold and even much bigger diseases such as cancer. Most keep all these items in a medicine cabinet somewhere in their homes, usually in a bathroom, which makes it highly accessible to those who shouldn’t have access to it. Often… Read more »

Fake Security Camera

Do Fake Security Cameras Work?

Some homeowners, for example, boast about preventing burglaries with nothing more than a large “Beware of the Doberman sign.” Others park a pair of muddy size 14 boots outside the front door as a crime deterrent. Some will tell you to entrust your security to a fake security cameras—an empty camera body designed to mimic a… Read more »

Sting Alarm Affordable Alarm Systems

Affordable Alarm Systems to Make My Home Safer in Las Vegas

The best way to keep your home safer in Las Vegas is to install a smart home alarm system. Sting Alarm Las Vegas offers affordable systems that can be customized to fit your lifestyle. Our smart home alarm systems give you piece of mind, keep your home secure, and best of all, are easy to… Read more »

Christmas Safety

Post Christmas Trash Safety

Now that Christmas has passed and presents have been opened, trash is piling up everywhere. Wrapping paper, bags, and the boxes that your gifts came in can take up a lot of space. Your first instinct may be to put everything out on your curb ahead of your trash day. Doing so can make you… Read more »

Sting Alarm Smart Home Alarm System

What is a Smart Home Alarm System?

When most people think of a home alarm system, they remember of their parents’ old-school system that was a nuisance due to its inconvenient controls and limited benefits. Those days are officially gone thanks to smart home alarm systems. Today’s smart home alarm systems make your life easier and more secure by turning your home… Read more »

package theft

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Package Stolen During the Holidays

The holiday season, unfortunately, always sees a spike in burglaries and theft. We have all watched the home security camera footage on Facebook or the news of an innocent homeowner getting their just-delivered package stolen from their front door. While you feel that this could never happen to you, it is one of the highest… Read more »


Five Things Burglars Look For Before Breaking Into A Home

Whether you’re going out of town or at work, the idea of someone breaking into your home is scary. Burglars have their own ways of evaluating a home to decide if it’s a good target. Below are five things that burglars look for when breaking and entering a home. 1. Is there an alarm system? Thieves want to get in… Read more »

Kids Playing At Home - Sting Alarm

Kids Full of Surprises? Sting Alarm Has You Covered!

When you’re a parent, life is full of surprises. Some of them more welcome than others. Kids made you breakfast in bed? That’s cute. Kids got into the garage and painted the floor purple? That’s not cute at all. To protect you and your kids from bad ideas that seemed good at the time, Sting… Read more »

Sting Alarm App

How to choose a Security System

When you think about home security you might imagine a security system with a outdated keypad that was already in the house when you moved in. Those traditional systems only worked when you remembered to arm then and someone tried to break in, which wasn’t very often. They also had significant vulnerabilities like the system… Read more »