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3G Sunset

Losing Your Alarm Signal to the 3G Sunset? We Can Help.

The 3G cellular network has been the backbone of electronic security and the platform on which alarm signals communicate. But now that we have passed the February 22, 2022 sunset date of 3G, the network has been decommissioned. 

Our Customers Are Prepared 

At Sting Alarm, it’s been about 12 months since we began explaining to our customers the impact this will have on their security systems: In short, the strength of alarm transmissions will become increasingly unreliable until the system no longer communicates. 

Because of our early warnings, many of our customers began preparing for the sunset early by having us upgrade their systems to a new radio and alarm panel before the expiration date. 

It’s Not Too Late to Upgrade 

Now that major cellular providers – including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile – have sunsetted the 3G cellular network, thousands of homes and businesses throughout Las Vegas are in need of an alarm upgrade. 

If you are not a Sting Alarm customer, you might be wondering, “What now?” After all, some alarm companies aren’t notifying their customers of the 3G sunset. This leaves vulnerable homeowners, including families and elderly residents throughout Las Vegas, with no idea how to get their service back. Even many of our local business owners have been left in the dark about the changes. 

Don’t worry; there’s good news. No matter who your current alarm monitoring provider is, Sting Alarm can upgrade you to the new 4G technology needed to get your alarm monitoring service back on track. 

Our Money-Saving Guarantee 

Even if your service has already lapsed, we can install a new LTE communicator and alarm panel to reinstate your alarm monitoring right away. By upgrading to the latest smart home technology from Sting Alarm, you’ll have a new security system and uninterrupted alarm monitoring service — along with options for smart lighting and a smart thermostat, both of which can help you save money on utilities. 

Best of all, we guarantee that we will beat any of our competition on price. At a time when things may seem complicated, we offer a money-saving upgrade designed to make life simpler. 

To learn more about upgrading to the latest 4G technology and smart home security from Sting Alarm, call us today. We’re ready to help!

Sting Alarm

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