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Las Vegas Home Security Companies

Local vs. National Las Vegas Home Security Companies

Las Vegas home security companies are in abundance, and it makes sense why. As crime rises in the area, residents are becoming more interested in securing and protecting their homes. Las Vegas can be an incredible place to live and raise a family– but a little bit of extra security and peace of mind never hurt.

Among the many home security companies in the area, many are national enterprises, while others are smaller local businesses. So which company should you choose to take on your home security needs? Let’s compare the pros and cons of both sides.


National Home Security Companies

It certainly makes sense that some consumers lean towards national home security companies. They tend to have the reputation and ease of access that can sometimes be difficult to find in smaller, local companies. Just as well, national enterprises tend to have the monetary power to dominate advertising and marketing streams– which is why national companies will often appear in search engine keyword pages before any local business. But does this actually mean they are the better choice? You may be surprised to find out, that is not the case.


Pros of National Home Security Companies

  • They’re easy to find and often have websites that detail everything they offer.
  • They’re recognized on a national level, so it can be easier to find reviews for them.
  • National companies offer cheap low quality packages, if that’s something you’re interested in protecting your home with.


Cons of National Home Security Companies.

  • The products they offer tend to be overpriced for what you get, due to typically outdated inventory.
  • Customer service and maintenance from national home security companies tend to be lackluster, outsourced, and not quite as helpful.
  • They can be much more expensive when it comes to total costs i.e. products, installation, consultations, and maintenance.
  • Many national home security companies are trying to flush out old outdated products that they have had in inventory for years– so their customers aren’t getting the newest, most effective products and services available.
  • Sales techniques for large enterprises tend to be pushy, high-pressure, and relentless. who wants to deal with that?
  • National companies don’t have the goal of offering custom installation, but rather want to sell “one size fits all” solutions completely over the phone.
  • You’ll get slower service when it comes to maintenance or service time.
  • Automated phone lines are common with large enterprises, so don’t hold your breath trying to get in touch with an actual human being.

Las Vegas Home Security Companies

Local Home Security Companies

Local home security companies have a ton of benefits that national companies simply can’t offer. Where national companies offer tons of bells and whistles and dominate marketing spaces, local home security companies focus on what’s important– effective and modern security technology alongside top-tier customer service.


Pros of Local Home Security Companies

  • They often offer higher-quality products and don’t cut corners on the technology they offer potential customers.
  • Local companies are more reliable, offer better maintenance packages and some even offer 24/7 emergency technical service.
  • They are more cost-effective in many cases, national companies tend to overprice cheap product packages that may not be as useful as you’d think.
  • The products and services you get are often more useful, and tend to be more modern.
  • Customer service is often much better and more accessible.
  • Sales tactics are very low-pressure and focused more on satisfying customer needs instead of closing deals as quickly as possible.
  • Local companies often offer custom installation, and do not push outdated, out-of-box, non-customizable, security systems that may not suit your individual needs.
  • Service is faster and more accessible when submitting requests for maintenance, technical support and other customer needs.
  • Rarely will a local company completely automate their phone lines, so you’ll be able to speak to a real human each and every time you call.


Cons of Local Home Security Companies

  • While service can be faster, installation time and consultation scheduling may take a little extra time if the company has a smaller staff.
  • It can be difficult to find reviews from customers for local businesses, especially if they have recently started operations.
  • Local companies may not have as many cheap options available. They do however, offer better technology and a more personalized approach to servicing homes.

Las Vegas Home Security Companies

Sting Alarm is the Locals’ Choice for Home Security Las Vegas

Sting Alarm is a home security company and service provider locally owned and operated in Las Vegas. We’ve been in business for over seventeen years. We believe this gives us an advantage due to our combined experience and expertise which has stood the test of time.


At Sting Alarm, we have more five-star reviews than any other Las Vegas home security company currently in operation. We believe this is because of our top-tier products and top-tier customer service. After performing an evaluation of your home, led by a certified Sting Alarm security technician, we’ll take the time to walk you through what our security and product recommendations are. We’ll also take this time to listen to you and what features you’d like to include in your home security plan. If you’d like to integrate existing smart devices in your home, we can often make this work. Sting Alarm strongly believes that home security should be all about customer service and hearing our customers out when they voice their needs. Let us offer this excellent service to you!


Are you ready to step up your home & family protection? Do you want to learn more about Sting Alarm’s premium home security? Our team at Sting Alarm is ready to offer you the best customer service in Las Vegas! Request a quote from our website today to learn more about our home security services and to understand what home security system features we can install into your home or business to fit your exact needs. We’re looking forward to helping you accomplish a safe & serene lifestyle!


Get in touch with us by clicking on the “free quote” button below, or call us at 702-737-8464 today!