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Video Surveillance

How Much Does Video Surveillance Cost To Install?

The cost to install a video surveillance system will run you anywhere from $400 to upwards of $2,000, with an average cost of $1,200.

That’s a big range in price, we know. But it really depends on your unique circumstances and home or business setup.

To help explain what goes into the cost of video surveillance, we’ll take a look at some key cost factors, including:

  1. Type of cameras installed
  2. Number of cameras installed
  3. Installation fees
  4. Monthly monitoring fees
  5. The security company you hire

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Cost Factor #1: Type of cameras installed

When it comes to video surveillance, the quality of your camera is everything. In the event of a robbery or home invasion, what good did your security investment do you if all you have are blurry stills?

Because higher-quality cameras tend to cost more, the type of camera you choose to install will greatly affect your overall video surveillance costs.

A few things to consider when selecting a camera:

  • Resolution quality: The higher the resolution, the more expensive the camera will cost. This is because the camera is using more advanced technology to enhance the number of pixels and overall clarity.

For residential surveillance, the cost per camera usually falls in this range*:

  • Good: 1080p resolution – $25 to $50
  • Better: 2K (4MP) resolution – $60 to $180
  • Best: 4K (8MP) resolution –  $200 to $500

*With a monitored alarm agreement.

  1. Indoor vs. outdoor: Most surveillance setups include outdoor cameras (which tend to cost more than indoor cameras). This is because outdoor cameras are larger and require professional installation in order to be weatherproof. Should your home or business require more outdoor cameras, your surveillance costs will be higher.
  • Extra features: Surveillance cameras with additional security features will cost more money. However, these extra features— such as motion detection, infrared/night vision, remote monitoring, wide-angle lens, video storage capacity, etc. — add great value to your security setup.

For example, an intruder won’t likely be able to evade the surveillance of an outdoor camera with a wide-angle lens. Similarly, an indoor camera empowered with motion sensors and direct alerts to your phone could make all the difference in your response time to a burglary or trespasser.

Note: For commercial camera surveillance, your costs will be higher. To get a free estimate on a custom commercial setup, contact our commercial security division, Sting Alarm, at 702-855-3802. You can also schedule free a consultation online.

Cost Factor #2: Number of cameras installed

The more cameras you have installed, the more money your surveillance setup will cost you. 

Properties with greater acreage will require more outdoor cameras for full surveillance, as they have more blind spots to cover. Whereas, smaller properties or properties that are located in well-lit areas won’t need as many outdoor cameras.

The same thing applies to indoor cameras. A 5 bedroom house with a home office and 3-car garage is going to need more surveillance than an 800 square foot strip mall storefront.

It all depends on how your home or business is laid out, and what your individual security needs may be.

Cost Factor #3: Installation fees

Professional surveillance camera installers usually charge a one-time activation fee in addition to their camera installation fees. 

The activation fee typically ranges between $25 and $99 and is charged upon activation of your new video surveillance system. (Beware, it’s often written into the fine print, which can lead to surprise bills.)

Additionally, you’ll pay for the labor costs of having your cameras installed, which will usually match the cost of each camera one-to-one. 

For example, if the purchase price of your interior camera is $100, your installation fees will be around $100, equaling $200 total.

Not every installer charges this way, but it’s a common enough practice for ballpark quoting.

Cost Factor #4: Monthly monitoring fees

If you’re contracted with a security company, you’ll also be paying anywhere from $20 to $99 per month for 24/7 security monitoring once your new video surveillance system is up and running.

For standard home and business security, you might have some window and door sensors that will trip in the event of a break-in. Your alarm system will automatically alert the police for you, and then your intruder will take a hike or hopefully be caught by the authorities.

With video surveillance monitoring though, you’ll have a dedicated surveillance team monitoring your footage 24/7. This is particularly helpful for businesses that have high foot traffic or anyone who needs extra security. Often referred to as “CCTV” or “closed-circuit television,” you’ll have a direct, live video feed only accessible on a limited number of monitors.

If you’ve contracted with a security company, you won’t have to worry about watching your monitors. If something is amiss, you’ll have real-time security professionals who will alert both you and the authorities about it.

Cost Factor #5: The security company you hire

In general, the more experience a security company has, the more money it will charge for its services.

This is because they value their customers, and are committed to delivering premium quality service.

In the case of video surveillance, reliability is key. You need to trust that everything has been installed correctly and will perform as needed. Moreover, you don’t want to have to pay twice in order to have a true professional come back and fix shoddy labor.

Although they might cost you more money, it’s best to select an experienced security company with years of experience and a trail of happy customers. The peace of mind alone will be well worth it!

Want a free quote on a video surveillance package for your Las Vegas home or business?

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