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Environmental Emergencies

Home Security Systems for Las Vegas Environmental Emergencies

One of the best things about home security systems is that they don’t just protect your home from outside threats, but also internal ones. Depending on the kind of equipment you choose to add to your home’s security, you can also monitor environmental threats like carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, smoke, and water damage.

Even though these home security systems can only notify you of a threat in your home, not prevent them, they can prevent extensive damage to your home and more importantly, save lives.

At Sting Alarm, we offer a range of environmental home security systems in Las Vegas, which can keep you and your family protected.

Water and Flood Security in Las Vegas

The average homeowner spends over $3,000 to repair the damage caused by water to their home. Water damage is not just due to storms, floods, or other natural disasters. Water damage can also be the result of broken pipes, leaky faucets, appliance malfunction, and more.

To prevent it, you should:

  • Repair leaky pipes and roofs immediately
  • Keep your appliances and HVACs well-maintained and in good functioning order
  • Keep your gutters and downspout cleans
  • Cover up your basement window wells and fill foundational cracks
  • The grade of the soil should angle away from your home.
  • Install a water leak detector

Install a Water Leak Detector

An automatic water leak detection system can protect your home in case of a leak. The system is designed to automatically shut off your main water supply when high levels of moisture are detected.

How Does a Water Leak Detection System Work?

Water leak detectors are equipped with sensors that can detect the flow of water within your pipes or the level of water on the floor. If an incident occurs, it will automatically cut off the water supply to your home and send an alert to the homeowner. Alternatively, the owner can also choose to turn off the valve from their phone or other mobile devices.

With the help of instant notifications, you can find out the nature of the leak and where it is located so that you can give accurate information to your water control contractors when they come to repair the damage.

This can help you avoid thousands of dollars in damages, prevent the hassle of having to vacate your home for water damage repairs, and lower your existing insurance premiums.

Carbon Monoxide Security in Las Vegas

Carbon monoxide poisoning claims 430 lives, resulting in over 50,000 emergency room visits each year. This gas is a by-product of burning carbon fuels and can be potentially fatal even in small doses. Carbon monoxide is a very serious risk but there are plenty of ways you can prevent it, including installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

  • Do not warm up your home with a gas range as it produces CO, which can spread throughout your home.
  • Do not keep the engine of your car running in the garage to warm it up.
  • If you use gas-powered tools, make sure you have proper ventilation in your home.
  • Do not use a camping stove or charcoal grill inside your tent or camper when camping out.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide detectors are the best way to prevent CO poisoning. We recommend you install CO detectors at different places in your home, including near your bedroom, kitchen, garage, and on every level of your home.

How Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work?

CO detectors blare out a loud alarm when they sense a certain amount of CO in your home. Different types of CO detectors have different types of sensors, including biometric sensors, metal oxide semiconductors, and electrochemical sensors.

If CO concentration in your home is low (around 50 ppm), it may take a few hours before the alarm sounds. However, if the concentration is around 150 ppm, the alarm will sound in just a few minutes and will only stop when there is no CO in the vicinity.

When you hear your CO detector ringing, you should act immediately, get all your loved ones out of the house, and call emergency responders ASAP.

Fire & Smoke Security in Las Vegas

Almost 4000 Americans die and over 2000 are severely injured from house fires every year in the United States. A fire outbreak in your Las Vegas home can be particularly dangerous since fire spreads extremely quickly and can raise the temperature of your home to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit in just 3.5 minutes.

The most common causes of house fires are:

  • Faulty wiring and appliances
  • Heaters, stoves, and fireplaces that have not been turned off properly
  • Cigarettes dropped on sofas, cushions, or behind drapes
  • Children getting access to matches or lighters and playing with it

Install a Fire and Smoke Alarm

It is important that you invest in smoke and fire alarms and place them at important locations around your home, at least inside of every bedroom and on each level of your home. The presence of smoke alarms can increase your family’s chances of surviving a house fire.

How Do Fire and Smoke Alarms Work?

Most people are unaware of how smoke alarms work. These life-saving home security devices come in three types: ionization smoke alarms, photoelectric smoke alarms, or a combination of both.

Ionization smoke alarms are extremely quick and almost immediately respond to fires and smoke. They contain a small radioactive material passing between two electrically charged plates. This creates ionization and creates a current that passes between the plates. When smoke enters this space, the ionization process is disturbed and the alarm rings out.

Photoelectric smoke alarms, on the other hand, respond better to slower, smoldering fires. These alarms are equipped with a photoelectric sensor and a light source. When smoke enters the space, the light is scattered by it and reflected towards the sensor, which triggers the alarm.

The National Fire Protection Agency strongly recommends the use of both these types of fire alarms to reduce the damage from fire incidents at home.

You can double the protection by installing fire detectors that integrate with an alarm monitoring service. In case of a fire when you are away from home, Sting Alarm’s alarm monitoring service will receive the alert and can dispatch an emergency responder to your home immediately to prevent the spread of flames and mitigate damages.

Environmental Home Security Systems in Las Vegas

Depending on your home needs, you may also need to add sensors that detect different elements within your home to protect it from various other issues. Temperature sensors and thermostats can be beneficial for you in the winter and summer seasons. Even in Las Vegas, it is not uncommon to hear about frozen pipes bursting in the winter season. A temperature-control system can prevent this. In addition, it can keep your home comfortable and cool during the sweltering summer seasons.

When deciding on buying an environmental home security system in Las Vegas, we at Sting Alarm can help you determine what equipment your home needs and how your home security systems devices can all integrate with each other through your alarm control panel. We also provide guidance on the pros and cons of getting a self-monitored or monitored home security system.

To learn more about the home security systems in Las Vegas, visit us at or give us a call at 702-737-8464. You can also click on the free quote button below and one of our local home security experts will reach out to you.