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Las Vegas Home Security

Home Security for New Las Vegas Residents

Nevada was ranked the most moved-to state in 2021, and more than 400,000 people have moved to Las Vegas over the past decade. Of course, along with population growth comes a rise in crime. Fortunately, home burglary in Las Vegas has climbed slowly, rising by 9% in 2021. Regardless, an increase is an increase — so homeowners need home security technology that can help them protect their properties and the loved ones who live there. Sting Alarm is ready to help, with home security for new Las Vegas residents to fortify their castles. Here’s what we recommend. 

Whole Home Monitoring

This is not your parents’ burglar alarm. The push-button panels they used to keep your childhood home protected have been replaced with encrypted touchscreen security panels and sensors, designed for a new generation of homeowners that value intelligent home security technology. Intrusion detection is smarter than ever, with motion sensors that trigger an immediate alarm and signal the central station. As the homeowner, you will have the ability to control the whole system with your smartphone; arm and disarm the alarm as needed with a few quick taps. With Sting Alarm as your security integrator, your whole home can be monitored for intrusion no matter where you are.  

Intelligent Security Cameras 

Outdoor security cameras are a must, from your front porch to all doors, windows and other entry points. Our intelligent cameras can be equipped with optional, AI-powered facial recognition technology that filters out members of the family so they don’t trigger an alert. They can also include portable speakers — built-in, high-definition audio that sounds crisp and clear. You’ll be able to view your home security cameras directly from the security panel, in addition to smartphone access so you can check them from anywhere.

Ask us about extras like built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-wave plus and 4G-LTE technology; this is the next-level home security technology you’re looking for. 

Emergency Detection Monitoring 

Unfortunately, emergencies at home aren’t limited to break-ins. There is also a vulnerability to environmental dangers, including fires, gas leaks and even flooding (especially during the high rain season from December to March) at your new Las Vegas home. Our home security systems can protect your home from these risks, with emergency detection sensors and devices that alert you to these unpredictable emergencies. With our help, you can protect your home, loved ones and bank account from the devastation these dangers can cause. Ask us about intelligent, monitored safety equipment for emergency detection. 

As more Las Vegas residents get home security protection, the more we can expect to see incidents of burglary start to decline. To learn more about our modern home security systems for new Las Vegas homeowners, call Sting Alarm today. We look forward to helping you. 

Sting Alarm

Sting Alarm is your go-to home security expert in Las Vegas. Let us help you customize your home security system with the features and technology you need and protect the things (and people) that matter most. Call us at 702.737.8464 today.