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Home security cameras

Home Security Cameras vs. Smart Home Cameras

In a time when Las Vegas communities are facing heightened crime, home security is a must — and we deliver it, with alarm equipment that’s “future proofed” against tampering and hacking. 

But today, home security is about much more than having an alarm installed or having a single camera setup as a reactive response to intrusion. To truly bring your Las Vegas home security into 21st century territory, you need smart home cameras. At Sting Alarm, we believe smart home cameras are superior to traditional home security cameras in a variety of ways. Take a look at the important differences. 

What Traditional Home Security Cameras Do

With a traditional home security camera mounted on the front porch or over the garage, you can see who stole your package or attempted to break into your vehicle. The problem is, you usually see it after the crime has already been committed. This is a reactive approach, and it’s largely ineffective at stopping neighborhood crime from spreading. 

But what if there were cameras that could give you real-time alerts the moment any suspicious activity begins on your property? With that instantaneous notification, you may be able to intervene before the crime is completed. That’s what smart home cameras can provide. 

What Smart Home Security Cameras Do 

Smart home cameras know more, do more, and help you accomplish more for the security of your property. The moment an intruder is in view of the camera, an alert is triggered and sent directly to your smartphone. By swiping on the alert, you can see what the trespasser is up to in real time.

If you act quickly, this can enable you to intervene right away before a crime has occurred. Hopefully, the result is an intruder who flees your property and doesn’t return. 

Optional Add-Ons for Smart Home Cameras 

With some recommended add-ons, your smart cameras can be even smarter. The first option is AI-powered facial recognition technology that enables the camera to filter out members of your household and prevent them from triggering an alert. We highly recommend it to ensure you get an alert when it’s truly needed. 

We also suggest adding on portable speakers for clear, high-definition audio. These can be equipped for two-way communication, so you can talk to the intruder and warn him police are on their way. Whether you add on these extras or not, you can view your smart home security camera recordings on demand from your smartphone. 

Traditional home security cameras are good, but smart home cameras are better. To discuss installing them at your Las Vegas home, call Sting Alarm today. 

Sting Alarm

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