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Las Vegas Security Cameras

Having a Security Camera in Las Vegas Can Benefit Your Home & Business

A security camera is one of the most essential components to any security system in Las Vegas. It offers you protection from a number of hazards. Call Sting Alarm to buy a professional security camera in Las Vegas.

Security cameras and systems have been here for several decades. The purpose of a traditional security camera was to provide the property owner some peace of mind knowing that something is watching over their home and business in their absence. These home security systems also came with sensors attached to the doors and windows and a control unit that could be armed or disarmed.

Security cameras have evolved since those times and now are integrated with smart technology. Today, the security cameras in Las Vegas are much more sophisticated, thanks to higher resolution picture quality, cloud connectivity, and smart sensors.

Let us look at some of the newest features a smart security camera in Las Vegas provides:

Higher Resolution

A security cameras resolution determines the size of a picture a camera can produce. Cameras that have a higher resolution can create better or high-definition (HD) pictures and videos.

In more recent years, technology has provided solutions to image quality problems that once plagued older cameras. Nowadays, security cameras in Las Vegas consist of digital HD 720, 1080p and camera systems of even greater resolution and you can buy them at competitive prices from Sting Alarm.

Reasons for Selecting a Higher Resolution Camera

Both 720p and 1080p meet the minimum resolution requirements for most monitors, though 1080p has a higher resolution than 720p. Hence, both images will offer you crystal clear image and video quality on the monitor. However, you will be able to zoom into the 1080p video more effectively without losing as much picture quality.


Video Analytics

Late-night robberies, theft and vandalism are common in many areas of Las Vegas; hence, it is important that you install a security camera at your home and business location in the city. At Sting Alarm, we offer you surveillance cameras with video analytic technology that can take your properties security to whole new level.

The sophisticated software we supply can automatically identify specific objects within your security cameras video recordings. It is equipped with cutting-edge A.I. technology that distinguishes between people, vehicles and the surrounding environment, it’s a game changer for both business and residential use.

Seeing an active security camera outside of a home or business is enough to deter many criminals. If someone wants to cause problems for you, they’ll think twice when confronted by a Sting Alarm security system. If you own a business, security cameras are known to discourage disgruntled employees and criminals from taking advantage of your cash registries and inventory.

Video Verification

Video verification is a sophisticated monitoring system that can automatically alert the authorities if an alarm is triggered.

When you set up this alarm system in Las Vegas, your security cameras will be connected to an alarm control panel that is also connected with an alarm monitoring station.

Because of this a responder will receive an alert when your home security system was triggered. At the same time, your camera will send footage to the cloud which they can view to find out if there was a real threat behind the alarm. The responder will give the homeowner a call to verify the incident, and if they do not answer and they have video verification of criminal activity, the respondents will alert the police that a potentially dangerous incident has occurred at your home. Video verification is an essential aspect of home security in Las Vegas. The local police departments will not respond to unverified alarms.

Hence, video verification technology is very important when it comes to decreasing the time it takes for the authorities to respond. Instead of sending a guard physically to your home to inspect, a video verification system can help you inspect the situation remotely and avoid unnecessary actions from being taken against false alarms.

With the help of video footage related to the alarm event on your phone, you can decide if the alert was because of a crime or not. This system comes with both wired and wireless options, so you can choose the absolute best solution for your home or business.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a Sting Alarm home security camera in Las Vegas.

Peace of Mind

Did you know that most of all triggered alarms are false alarms? In the past, if someone or something triggered an alarm, a person would have to come to your house to check if the threat is real. These days though, thanks to smart cameras and monitoring systems, you can now view the inside and outside of your home remotely and take the appropriate actions. Smart security cameras offer the intelligence that is lacking on older security systems and are quite cost-effective. With a simple smartphone and an internet connection, you gain complete awareness of what is happening at your home no matter where you are, all with the tap of a touchscreen.

With these cameras, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your kids are home from school, you haven’t left on a light that is not needed, your doors are locked, and your pets are behaving themselves.

Neighborhood Protection

High-definition security cameras allow you to monitor who is coming and going in your neighborhood. With an outdoor camera, you can help deter crime, not just in your home, but in your neighborhood as well. If an incident does occur, a surveillance camera can record it and provide the footage as evidence to the authorities.

In addition, we can easily extend the range of your properties Wi-Fi so that you can install a camera further from your router as well. You can also share camera footage with your neighbors through certain apps so that your entire neighborhood remains informed, and vigilant while feeling safe and protected.

Proactive Emergency Alerts

We also provide monitoring systems that can alert you and emergency responders of different emergency situations within your home. If there is a fire, flooding occurs due to a burst pipe, or a panic button is triggered our monitoring station will dispatch local emergency responders accordingly.

Coupled with other smart technology like water sensors that can automatically shut off water, a camera system can provide you with video footage of the incident so that you can determine the extent of damage and send someone to fix the problem.

Record of Natural Disaster

Recording a natural disaster incident is not the first thing that crosses people’s minds when they are purchasing professional security camera systems. However, these cameras are very important because recording the damage done during a natural disaster like a blizzard, hail, thunderstorm, or lightning strike can be produced as evidence for insurance claims.

You will not have to stress about finding evidence for your insurance company because the entire incident will be caught on camera. This can help you get a quick and accurate claim in case of a natural disaster.

Garden Protection

It can be pretty annoying if an animal burrows through your flower bed that you spent months cultivating. With smart security cameras, you can monitor your lawn and backyard from the comforts of your living room.

With a security camera, you can find out if a pet or another animal is wreaking havoc in your garden or elsewhere along your property. Understanding the source of any damages around your home or garden is a priceless benefit that comes with owning a Sting Alarm security camera.

Sting Alarm Offers Reliability

If you have an existing security system, it is important to consider upgrading it. Many older security systems can easily be thwarted since they rely on wiring and traditional landlines. It’s too easy for anyone to go outside, snip off the cables and disable your homes monitoring system. An alarm may still sound but authorities may not be notified and anyone in the near vicinity who hears it may think it is a false alarm.

That is why we highly recommend smarter security camera systems in Las Vegas that connect with your security system in a variety of ways, allow wireless connectivity, and are highly reliable.

Customizable Camera and Security Packages

Sting Alarm has been in the business of security and surveillance for 17 years. We understand the type of security cameras and monitoring systems that our clients want and ensure they get them.

We have developed several customized security packages for our valued customers that fit a wide range of homeowner needs. These packages can help you maximize the benefits of security camera and smart technology with features like higher resolution, remote control, instant push notifications, video analytics, and video verifications.

Get in Touch With Sting Alarm

A security camera is one of the most essential components of a home security systems in Las Vegas. It offers you protection from a number of hazards and gives you peace of mind when you are home or away. With the integration of smart technology, cameras can help alert relevant authorities of an emergency in your home in the event you are unable to reach your phone.

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