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Security Cameras in Las Vegas

Everything You Need To Know About Security Cameras in Las Vegas

A few decades ago, security cameras were only found in secured environments or commercial buildings. This is not the case today. As crime rates rise, security cameras have largely become a necessity, particularly in urban and suburban dwellings. Las Vegas has a higher crime rate than 88% of the cities in the United States and you have a 1 in 35 chance of becoming a victim of property crime in the city.

That’s why, Sting Alarm strongly recommends the use of modern security cameras in Las Vegas. Previously, security cameras were nothing but some wiring and video recording equipment. However, thanks to advancements in technology and the advent of Wi-Fi, home security has completely been revolutionized.

At Sting Alarm, we offer cameras that are wirelessly connected to automated home security systems through the internet, can detect motion and sound in HD, and even recognize humans, animals, and vehicles. Because of this, citizens in Las Vegas can have peace of mind knowing that the interior as well as the exterior of their home is protected, and they will become instantly aware if something unusual takes place.


Everything You Need to Know About Las Vegas Security Cameras

Security cameras in Las Vegas are compatible with fully equipped monitoring systems that offer a host of features. The most popular security camera features are given below:


Live Automated Alerts

With an automated security camera, you will be sent a push notification anytime something unexpected happens at your home. If your security camera detects trouble, it can also send a notification to the alarm company, the alarm company will then confirm the incident. If the alarm is real, the security company will call the authorities and can stay on the line with you until the threat has been neutralized.


Visual Verification

Aside from sending notification of a threat detected, home security cameras in Las Vegas can also send video footage to an alarm monitoring center. This way, both the alarm monitoring center and the homeowner can view the video in real time and if necessary, take action and alert authorities to secure a faster, more reliable response.


End-to-End Encryption

Encrypted security cameras not only protect your home from physical threats but also protect you from cybercrimes. These cameras offer end-to-end encryption for every video clip, so homeowners do not need to be concerned about being exposed by hackers or unreliable internet connections.

Having end-to-end encryption software on your home monitoring system that offers smarter and safer security solutions should be one of your top priorities when buying security cameras for your home in Las Vegas.

Security Cameras in Las Vegas

A.I. Video Analytics

Equipped with state-of-the-art A.I. technology, our security cameras can recognize what they are looking at, and distinguish between detected vehicles, pets, and humans. Now you can let your pets run free knowing your security cameras will alert you if there is suspicious human activity nearby.

Thanks to motion zones and virtual trip wires, you will also be notified if a human or a vehicle is detected within any user defined zone.


Cloud Storage and Streaming Video Recorder

Our cutting-edge security cameras also come with cloud recording and storage capabilities. With these features, you can make sure nobody tampers with your cameras, photos, or video recordings all-the-while maintaining access to them at a moment’s notice.

Our security cameras also have streaming video recorders that allow you to back-up your footage locally and enable round-the-clock video recording. With a streaming video recorder, you can have surveillance up and running 24/7 with zero downtime.


Security Cameras in Las Vegas

External and Internal Monitoring

With HD cameras, you can now see what’s happening inside as well as outside of your home. That means you can see when your kids arrive safely at home and monitor whether or not your pet is behaving when home alone. It also means you will be informed of any disasters inside and outside of your home, including water leaks or fires.

Wide Wi-Fi Range

Our security cameras are now equipped with Wi-Fi technology that has a wide range. That means you can place your cameras in places that are a bit further away from your home. These cameras are also weatherproof, which means they remain functional in sunny, rainy, or icy weather.

Many security cameras struggle to keep your entire home, including your backyard protected. With a wide-range Wi-Fi mesh technology, you don’t need to worry about leaving any area of your home unprotected.


Get the Most Reliable Security Cameras in Las Vegas

Sting Alarm is a locally owned and operated security company in Las Vegas that has been in business for the past 17 years.

At Sting Alarm, we offer you different types of cameras and monitoring systems for the security of your home, including high-end continuous video surveillance. We also provide the most innovative Qolsys alarm panels available anywhere.

As the home security experts in Las Vegas, we want to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to getting the right security cameras for your home. Schedule an appointment with us today and get a free consult! You can also give us a call at 702-737-8464 and we would be happy to help.