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catalytic converter theft

Combating Las Vegas Catalytic Converter Theft with Video Surveillance

Catalytic converter thieves are wreaking havoc across the country, and the Las Vegas Valley is no exception. As an attempt to disincentivize the theft of these valuable auto parts, many states are passing laws to crack down on catalytic converter theft. Unfortunately, Nevada isn’t yet one of them.

Catalytic Converter Theft in Las Vegas

From January through April of this year, Las Vegas Metropolitan police reported 784 catalytic converter thefts. Undoubtedly, there were many more over the summer we have yet to learn about. Until legislation is passed, Las Vegas residents need other ways to help them hold catalytic converter thieves responsible. One measure of defense is video surveillance, which Las Vegas property owners can use to help protect their customers from catalytic converter theft. Here are some facts about catalytic converters, and information on implementing video surveillance to monitor your property for theft.

Facts on Catalytic Converter Function and Value

Catalytic converters are anti-pollution devices that reduce harmful chemical compounds from engine emissions. Criminals steal them to get access to the precious metals they contain platinum, rhodium and palladium, which can be sold to recyclers for hundreds of dollars. In turn, recyclers may sell them to other buyers who pay top dollar.

One Las Vegas auto parts expert says thieves steal catalytic converters because the metals are “more expensive than gold.”

According to, the values of the precious metals contained inside catalytic converters is currently:

  • Rhodium – $20,000 per ounce
  • Palladium – $2,938 per ounce
  • Platinum – $1,128 per ounce

Note: Values of precious metals will fluctuate. 

Las Vegas Video Surveillance to Fight Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter theft is a huge problem throughout Las Vegas, but video surveillance can help. At Sting Alarm, our video surveillance and verification services go beyond the traditional CCTV model to help you stop catalytic converter thieves in their tracks. By implementing our next level solutions – like virtual trip wires, custom motion detection zones and real-time alerts for suspicious activity – you can have better success in stopping catalytic converter theft on your property. To learn more about our modernized video surveillance for the Las Vegas Valley, call Sting Alarm today.

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