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Analytics that Go Beyond Business Security

At Sting Alarm, we already go further than traditional alarm companies by offering top tier business security solutions like verified alarm monitoring technology and 24/7 surveillance. But now, we go beyond business security by making powerful analytics available to the Las Vegas business community.  

These analytics, powered by, are designed to deliver enlightening business intelligence that can inform your most critical decisions as a business owner. They turn your security cameras into dynamic monitoring devices that can reveal the most granular intelligence. Here’s the lowdown on some of the most exciting analytics we make available.

Queue Monitoring Alerts   

Waiting in line is one of life’s greatest frustrations. With queue monitoring, you can protect your customers from that frustration by responding to the smartphone alert you’ll receive whenever your line of customers crosses a specific threshold number. The alert will also include the estimated wait time so that you can choose how many additional lines to open. Do you want to cut the lines in half, or reduce them down to one or two people in the queue?

security Analytics

The information in your alert will help you decide. This business intelligence can also inform decisions on staffing, like when it may be time to hire more cashiers. 

Crowd Gathering Notifications 

No business owner can be in two places at once. With crowd gathering alerts, you’ll receive a notification when the number of people in your monitored area reaches capacity (or whatever threshold number you choose). You’ll know the moment there’s a crowd gathering in your lobby, elevator landing or waiting room so you or a staff member can intervene as appropriate. 

security Analytics

Additionally, these real time occupancy limit alerts are for more than crowd control. Upper management can use it to monitor conference room areas, so they know the right time to make their big entrance to the meeting. And in the post-pandemic era, a company’s social distancing policies can be informed by crowd gathering alerts. This is technology designed to make your workplace safer. 


Heat Mapping Technology  

Heat mapping is one of the most exciting business intelligence technologies to emerge in recent years, and it can accomplish a variety of objectives. Viewing the heat map of your target area can tell you where foot traffic is most concentrated, and inform your decisions on everything from room capacity, to social distancing policies, to where product should go on the sales floor, to how best to allocate your marketing budget. 

security Analytics

Because we’re an dealer partner, Sting Alarm can integrate any or all of these Business Activity Analytics with your security system. To discuss analytics that go beyond business security for your Las Vegas establishment, call Sting Alarm today. 

Sting Alarm

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