How Do Home Alarm Monitoring Services Work in Las Vegas?

Home alarm monitoring services help facilitate quick and effective communication between your home’s security system and your security provider.

Home alarm monitoring systems come with an alarm control panel that’s used to log emergency events and send signals to your alarm monitoring service provider. Your alarm monitoring service will then confirm whether the event is an actual threat or a false alarm. If the threat is real, they will dispatch the authorities accordingly.

Depending on the company, the technical specifications of every home alarm monitoring service may be different; however, they all have the same basic features. Below is a breakdown of what most alarm monitoring enabled security systems are comprised of:

Alarm Control Panel

The alarm control panel is the hub of a network of sensors, these sensors include motion-detection sensors, window and door sensors, temperature sensors, water sensors, and smoke detectors. The alarm control panel is the brain of your security system, it arms or disarms your alarms and sensors. It connects with every installed piece of equipment along your security system and sounds the alarm in case of an alarm event while informing your security monitoring service.

Alarm control panels have touch pads which allow you to program, set up, or interact with your security system. This is where you can enter passcodes to arm or disarm your alarm, and it can be programmed to work in sync with key fobs.

When this security system is armed, and a sensor is triggered, it will send a signal immediately to the alarm monitoring station so that they can alert the appropriate authorities.

Door and Window Sensors

These sensors are comprised of two parts. One part is installed on the door and window itself, and the other part is installed on the doorframe or windowsill. When the door or windows are closed, these two parts come together to form a circuit.

When the security system is armed, the door and window sensors send signals to the control panel informing your security system that the entry points to your home are secured. However, if someone tries to open a door or window the circuit will be broken, and an alarm will begin to sound. If you have alarm monitoring services, your alarm company will be notified and dispatch the appropriate authorities ensuring the fastest possible response to any potential threats.

Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras can be used in various ways as part of your home alarm monitoring system. These cameras can surveil remote areas of your property as well as your porch, garage, and driveway.

The great thing about smart security cameras is that they can be accessed through almost any smart mobile device. Many homeowners rely on security cameras when they are at work or away on vacation to keep an eye on their home. Security cameras can help parents monitor their children too once they arrive home from school.

Smart security cameras not only assist in monitoring your property remotely, they allow for video verification of alarm events. This means that while you’re away, if an alarm event occurs and you have alarm monitoring services, your security cameras can be used to verify the alarm. This is important because in Las Vegas the Police Dept. has a non-response policy to unverified alarms. Having security cameras installed along your property can allow you to quickly verify alarms and ensure the Police are dispatched rapidly.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are security devices that can trigger an alarm if they detect motion within range of where they are installed. Motion sensors are often used to protect rooms that contain valuable items. They are also a good way to protect areas of your home that you do not visit frequently.

Alarm Sirens

A home alarm system also consists of a high-decibel alarm siren that is usually loud enough to alert nearby neighbors. Sirens ensure that people inside your home are alerted when your home security system has been triggered. Alarm sirens are also useful for scaring away would be robbers before they manage to steal any of your property.

Security Company Decals & Signs

Even though they don’t offer any high-tech function, stickers and signs of alarm monitoring companies outside of your home can play a big role in deterring burglars. When you plant a sign in your yard or place a sticker on your garage door, it warns the burglar that you have a home alarm monitoring system protecting your property. Always be sure to place these decals and signs up around your property once you’ve had a professional home security system installed.

Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Alarm Systems

Some security systems are not monitored by professional alarm companies. In the event someone breaks into your home, these systems will sound the alarm’s siren if one is installed. However, though the alarm siren will sound, it will be the responsibility of the property owner to contact the local authorities and remove the threat. Some alarm systems may or may not send a text message or email notification to the property owner as well. This depends on the type of security system you choose to have installed.

While unmonitored alarm systems often do alert homeowners, there are many threats that could affect ones ability to call the authorities themselves. For this reason, it is advisable to opt-in to an alarm monitoring service. With professional alarm monitoring services, you wont have to worry about missing alert notifications if your homes security system is triggered.

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