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Security Cameras Las Vegas

7 Must-Have Features for Security Cameras in Las Vegas

If you’ve ever tried buying security cameras in Las Vegas, you’ll know just how confusing the whole experience can be.  For a novice buyer, it can be difficult to fathom how well a security camera will perform – unless you’ve actually used it in a surveillance system before.

Don’t be discouraged, there are ways to identify which security cameras in Las Vegas will work for you and which won’t We’ve rounded up 6 must-have features to look for when buying security cameras in Las Vegas.

Security Cameras Las Vegas

1High-Definition Footage 

HD recording capabilities are now universal thanks to smartphones. And there’s no reason why you can’t expect the same from modern security cameras. Simply put, HD cameras can record a maximum resolution of 1080p. To put that into perspective 4K cameras, which are quite a bit expensive, can record up to 4 times the resolution of HD cameras (or 3840 x 2160 pixels) 

This footage is extremely clear and gives law enforcement officials access to the tiniest of details making it exceptionally useful for video verification purposes as well. 

Security Cameras Las Vegas

2Security Cameras Wired to Power 

Many security cameras in Las Vegas are battery powered. This allows them to be placed just about anywhere. It is essential however, that your cameras are wired to power in order to prevent lapses in surveillance coverage. Having your Las Vegas security cameras wired to power enables 24/7/365 continuous surveillance & recording. 

Why should you constantly need to replace or recharge batteries? Let Sting Alarm install your security cameras for you and save yourself the trouble of ever having to deal with batteries. 


3. Cloud or Hard Drive Storage  

Las Vegas security cameras should be able to record and save footage for later viewing. This is important if you want to prosecute an intruder or present video verification evidence to the authorities. That is another important benefit of security cameras in general, they can store footage on the cloud and/or on hard drives. 


4Wireless Technology  

Wireless technology grants you remote access to recorded video as well as live feed from your security cameras. These days, almost every home security system in Las Vegas comes with an app that provides you with varying degrees of control. You can easily view live footage from the camera on your laptop and mobile phone while you’re away, even if you’re out of the city.  

Through wireless technology, you can integrate your cameras with other smart home devices, allowing you to dim the lights, turn off the HVAC, and more all from the same mobile app. 


Security Cameras Las Vegas

5. Motion Sensor Technology 

Motion sensing technology allows your camera to start recording when something in the nearby vicinity moves. Instead of recording around the clockwhich can quickly fill up a local or cloud storage drive, motion sensing tech helps you conserve storage space and only use it when suspicious activity is detectedSting Alarm’s security cameras will send alerts to your computer or phone anytime movement is detected within your security cameras field of view.


6Two Way Voice 

Most security cameras in Las Vegas are equipped with speakers and smart Wi-Fi to facilitate two-way communications between the person behind the camera and others appearing in front of it. This way, you can inform delivery people where to place packages, comfort your pets from afar, and even scare off would-be burglars. 

Simply put, two-way audio is an important feature that can bolster both indoor and outdoor security cameras while adding to its usefulness.


7Low Light Performance 

Thanks to the introduction of advanced sensors, better optics, and highpowered algorithms, most security cameras in Las Vegas can deliver exceptional video quality in low light situations. This helps you capture good quality images to clearly ascertain the color of a vehicle, or the color of clothing worn by a suspect.  

Secondly, when determining good low-light performance, consider the true day/night capabilities of the camera. Most sensors used in Las Vegas security cameras are sensitive to both visible light and near-infrared light.  

Note: This option isn’t necessary for some, but it does make an excellent addition to the surveillance systems of commercial spaces.  


Get the right security cameras Las Vegas!

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