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Quick Home Security

20 Tips For Quick Home Security

Here are 20 home security tips that can make your home a safer place to live.

  1. Protect your doors. Statistics show that 80% of all break-ins are through a door. Doors with low visibility from the street and neighbors are particularly vulnerable. Consider video surveillance cameras to deter criminals from doors with low visibility.
  2. Simple door locks are vulnerable to credit cards or shaped pieces of pliable metal and offer almost no security.
  3. Dead bolt locks are the most secure. Make sure that they have at least 1″ draw into the door jam.
  4. Sliding doors can be quickly reinforced. Consider placing a metal bar or wooden dowel rod in the door track.
  5. Sliding doors can also be pinned so that they can’t be lifted out of their tracks. Pins can be purchased from your local locksmith or hardware store.
  6. Don’t leave a ladder or other items outside of your home that can be refashioned to gain access to higher level windows.
  7. Purchase smart light bulbs to turn on your lights automatically and light up your home when you’re away.
  8. If you are going to be gone for extended periods of time, arrange to have your lawn mowed, and leaves raked.
  9. Have your mail held at the post office. A clogged mailbox can signal a vacant home.
  10. Have your paper delivery stopped until you come back, a collection of newspapers along the driveway suggests time away.
  11. Don’t leave notes on the door announcing your absence. A note saying you’ll be back at 6:00 could provide ample opportunity for someone to break in.
  12. When you are gone consider leaving your furnace or central air on low so that the motor can still be heard. This suggests you won’t be gone long enough for someone to break in.
  13. When service professionals come to your home, ask for an I.D. and don’t hesitate to call the company for verification. Especially if you weren’t expecting them!
  14. When you see a strange vehicle on your street, consider jotting down the license plate number. You may be surprised how often law enforcement finds this useful along their investigations.
  15. If you arrive home and find the door open, DO NOT go inside. Go to a neighbor’s house and call the police. Let them go inside first and make sure the intruders are not still there. If you have a smart home security system review the video footage and access history to ensure your safety before attempting to re-enter the home.
  16. Don’t keep excess cash around the house; keep it in a savings or checking account.
  17. Keep important papers and negotiable securities in a safe deposit box. A safe deposit box costs very little and quite often is free with your checking or savings account.
  18. Take pictures of your heirlooms and personal items for later identification. If you fall victim to a break in, this is an important step toward helping the police reclaim your stolen property. It’s also useful for filing a subsequent insurance claim.
  19. If possible, mark all electronic equipment with a permanent etching of your name. This helps identify property and makes it difficult for thieves to sell.
  20. Buy a security and fire alarm system from a reputable, trusted source and have it monitored 24 hours a day. You may be surprised how much it can save you on insurance costs. 


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