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How Sting Alarm Las Vegas overcomes Crash and Smash Attacks

A security system is there to protect you when a burglar targets your property. But what happens when they target the security system itself? A crash and smash attack is a burglary tactic that focuses on your home’s security panel or keypad, using speed and brute force to prevent it from sounding the alarm. How… Read more »

“No Force” Burglaries on the rise in Las Vegas

Having your home broken into has unfortunately become just another bump in the road for most homeowners, especially for those in Las Vegas where home burglaries are on the rise. The most concerning statistic is that the amount of “No Force” burglaries is quickly rising. A burglary is considered “No Force” when the thief enters… Read more »

Five Reasons to Choose Smarter Home Security

What makes a security system powered by Sting Alarm Las Vegas and “smarter”? It has its own app, for sure, but so do toothbrushes nowadays. So what’s the big deal about smarter home security – and why should you consider it for your home? 1: It’s built smarter A security system keeps you safe… Read more »

Five Home Security Myths

Home security myths tend to a big reason why homes are so easily broken into. Home security is an emotive topic. You’ll typically hear plenty of anecdotes about burglaries, as well as lots of myths and misconceptions. Here are a few of the home security myths we’ve encountered, and some surprising truths relating to them…. Read more »

How Many Contact Sensors Does Your Smart Home Security System Need?

Of all the security devices out there, contact sensors might seem the least interesting. They’re small, simple and unobtrusive, with a single function: to detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, cabinets and drawers. They’re also one of the most essential components of a smart security system. The more contact sensors you have, the… Read more »

Amazon Alexa and Google Home Virtual Assistant Integration

It’s great being able to control your Sting Alarm Las Vegas Smart Home Alarm System from your Smart Phone when you’re away from your home. Back at home, virtual assistants such as Google Home and Amazon’s Echo are a popular option that smart homeowners love. Now, you can keep your home more secure and comfortable… Read more »

Medicine Cabinet Safety

Over-the-counter and prescription medicines can assist with everyday sicknesses such as a headache, the common cold and even much bigger diseases such as cancer. Most keep all these items in a medicine cabinet somewhere in their homes, usually in a bathroom, which makes it highly accessible to those who shouldn’t have access to it. Often… Read more »

Do Fake Security Cameras Work?

Some homeowners, for example, boast about preventing burglaries with nothing more than a large “Beware of the Doberman sign.” Others park a pair of muddy size 14 boots outside the front door as a crime deterrent. Some will tell you to entrust your security to a fake security cameras—an empty camera body designed to mimic a… Read more »

Affordable Alarm Systems to Make My Home Safer in Las Vegas

The best way to keep your home safer in Las Vegas is to install a smart home alarm system. Sting Alarm Las Vegas offers affordable systems that can be customized to fit your lifestyle. Our smart home alarm systems give you piece of mind, keep your home secure, and best of all, are easy to… Read more »

What is a Smart Home Alarm System?

When most people think of a home alarm system, they remember of their parents’ old-school system that was a nuisance due to its inconvenient controls and limited benefits. Those days are officially gone thanks to smart home alarm systems. Today’s smart home alarm systems make your life easier and more secure by turning your home… Read more »