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Business Security


Sting Alarm is a leading provider for business security, surveillance and access control systems in Las Vegas. We have helped businesses of all sizes and verticals, whether it be a small coffee shop or large retail facility. The advantage that Sting Alarm gives business owners is unmatched, with solutions to monitor and manage one or multiple locations from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection. Get a quote for a custom security system for your location.

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Smart  business Security Services


Our business security services include much more than traditional alarm companies. We offer 24/7 alarm and surveillance monitoring and verification with tamper-proof technology and encryption. Not only do we bring world class solutions to secure your location, as a local Las Vegas security company we understand the local laws and communities better than anyone. Check out our smart business security monitoring, access control, video surveillance and smart business automation services to see how we can provide protection and peace of mind for your investment.

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Custom security Design

Local 24/7 monitoring station


flexible warranties & support

Alarm Monitoring

Business security in Las Vegas is a must, but what are the best security solutions for your location?

Sting Alarm is the gold standard in business security monitoring. We focus on advanced services that provide reliability and visibility for our client, as a result, increasing the effectiveness of our security monitoring solutions. This includes verified alarm monitoring technology built in to every business security system we install. With 2-way voice, video verification and built in image sensors, we are able to reduce false alarms, therefore providing the verification needed to dispatch authorities quicker than any traditional alarm system.

Advanced facial recognition options keep you in the loop about who has access to your business. We will send you a picture of anybody who disarms the alarm and also alert you when the face doesn’t match the person who uses that specific code. We also give you the power to control access, view security cameras and restrict access as you please, all from one central control platform on your smartphone or anywhere you have internet access.


2-way voice allows us to verify problems at your location, even when you aren’t there.


Manage user access, and activate facial recognition features to reduce liabilities.


Video verification and monitoring so that you can sit back while we keep an eye out.


Las Vegas home security shield iconVerified alarm monitoring allows us to dispatch local police, not just a guard.


3x redundant 5-diamond UL certified monitoring stations.


Secure 4G-LTE cellular monitoring with dual-path WiFi monitoring back-up.
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Business security Automation

Did your business open up on time? Did the cleaning crew arm the alarm last night? Are the thermostats and lights on when you and your staff are off? 

Managing your business and it’s security just got a whole lot easier with Sting Alarm. We can customize an automated security solution that is smart enough to help you save money and reduce the risk of forgetful employees or inside jobs that could damage your business.

Smart management features such as thermostat schedules, event triggered lighting and remote access control. You can rest assured that nothing will get out of hand, due to the ability to control your business location all from the palm of your hand via our smart business security app.

Supervised sensors allow you to take action when employees forget.


smart light bulbsControl lights and thermostats on the go for better management of your business.


Schedule business hours and set automation scenes to run on time.


Business activity notifications so you know when things aren’t running as expected.


Temperature and flood sensors to manage controlled environments of your business.


Silent holdup and panic buttons allow for a response without escalating dangers.
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Access Control 

Integrated physical access control systems and easy user management all in the same platform as your security alarm and video surveillance system. Our smart access control features allow you to have better control and insight of your business. 

Control who, when and where users can access. Tie user credentials to their access cards and security profile for a better overview of activity. This includes an organized timeline of every entry and exit to the secured areas of your business, with supporting video clips to get the whole picture.

Have multiple locations? Is your warehouse or storage separate from your main office or business front? Customize access groups and set permissions on a location base, or globally across your organization. Get insights from customer access to your location and plan your business accordingly.

Remote access control in the palm of your hand.


Track activity and provide accountability with complete audit records.


Restrict or allow access based on schedules or employee position.


Las Vegas home security shield iconIntegrates with smart video surveillance for synced event clips.


Activity analytics to get insights about the activity in and out of your business.


100% compliant with building codes and other requirements.
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surveillance and monitoring


Never be in the dark with our powerful and smart video surveillance cameras. We install and guarantee our commercial-grade equipment 100%. Full HD, night-vision, end-to-end encryption and on-board analytics processing. Our cameras are a huge upgrade from traditional CCTV systems, therefore Sting Alarm is a huge upgrade for your business.

Better manage your security and keep an eye on your investment from anywhere due to our powerful integrated app platform. Power in the palm of your hand.

Set custom motion detection zones, virtual trip wires and smart notifications for suspicious activity. Our surveillance systems don’t just see what’s going on, they tell you with real-time alerts when your business is at risk.

Advanced services like video verification give you even more security. By allowing our monitoring station to take action immediately when they see something, you can relax knowing that a professional team of local agents is watching your back.

Step into the future of business surveillance and security. Request a free quote for upgrading your business security to a smart Sting surveillance system.


Live remote security camera monitoring.


Smart object recognition and video analytics.


Smart clips and notifications of suspicious activity.


Cloud recording preserves evidence and gives you on the go access.


Custom integration between security cameras and our security system.


On-panel video feed for easy review and monitoring on-site.
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