Temperature Monitoring

Stay Cool Under Pressure

Sting Alarm’s smart thermostats and energy management technology can help you reduce energy bills while protecting your temperature-controlled assets like refrigerators with advanced temperature monitoring. With Sting Alarm’s innovative technology, you can optimize your energy usage and reduce your bills, while also ensuring that your assets are protected. So why wait for a disaster to happen? Stay cool under pressure with temperature monitoring and protect your business today.

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Smart Temperature Monitoring: Maximize Comfort, Minimize Costs!

Stop wasting energy and money – activate smart away mode and automatically adjust your temperature when your security system is armed!  The smart thermostats enable you to control and automate your temperature settings, making it easy to manage your energy consumption and ensure that your temperature-controlled assets are kept at optimal levels.

Temperature Monitoring History

Our system also enables you to retrieve historical reports summarizing temperature conditions, ensuring that you stay compliant with regulatory requirements. By monitoring your assets’ temperatures and receiving real-time alerts, you can stay ahead of temperature-related risks and keep your business operations running smoothly.


Wireless, Battery-Powered Temp Monitoring!

Simplify installation with long range wireless technology for continuous monitoring of critical temperatures even during power outages or internet disruptions with LTE communication and long battery life.

Secure Your Energy - Local Lockout and Remote Control

Stop wasting money on energy bills: activate smart away mode and save on heating or cooling costs when your security system is armed. The temperature automatically adjusts when no one is present, ensuring that you are minimizing energy usage on heating or cooling an empty property.

Take control of your energy usage and temperatures: restrict employees from adjusting the AC or heating beyond defined temperature ranges. With the energy dashboard, you can easily view current temperatures and set points for multiple locations, making it easy to optimize your energy usage and keep your spaces at comfortable temperatures. Invest in our advanced temperature monitoring and control technology and take control of your energy costs today.

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